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Do you want to help a disabled person walk safely on the road? It will be a big help for those with impaired vision, blindness, or physical disabilities as they can use this Distance Measurer to walk safely without colliding...
Ever wondered if you could send messages to a Wireless Notice Board for everyone to follow from your mobile phone using Bluetooth? Today let’s learn how to build such a device. It will be a portable system. So feel free...
Today we will show you the process of the DIY smart lock with a 4-digit PIN Combination. You need a few components and follow our circuit to get started. We will show you the magic of Analog Electronics circuits in...
Let’s build something practical today. How about a smart sensor dustbin with a lid that opens automatically when you want to drop something into it? It’s hygienic and smart. We will use the Arduino as our microcontroller today. Let's get...
Today’s video is about fun activities. You must have played the popular buzz wire game in a fair. Today, you will learn how to build your own buzz wire game using one transistor. So, here you go! If you are less...
Here, we will show you an interesting feature. Previously we showed how to design your multi-directional bot that can be controlled using a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app using virtual joysticks. If you haven’t watched the previous video, click here. Today, we...
This video, we will show you something interesting. Remember the last bot we built? How about controlling it wirelessly through Bluetooth from a mobile phone? In our previous video, we showed a custom PCB for a multi-directional bot. If you...
In our last video, we showed you how to design your custom multi-directional bot. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here. Today, we will how you can design a PCB to control a multi-directional Bot. Let’s start with the multi-directional...
The warmer atmosphere, with higher sea and ocean levels, and larger climate changes are expected in the future. The degree of this depends on our usage of greenhouse gases. Climate change will impact the lives of children as they grow up....
In this series, we will discuss on some DIY projects. This is a DIY project to design a circuit to control a Multi-directional bot through switches. Create your own bot following these steps. In our last video of this DIY...


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