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Guidelines for writing a Guest post and submitting on Businessupside.com

We have always believed that “Content is King’. But this phrase is considered true only if the content that you write adds some value to the reader. It will not be wrong to say that unless there is quality content on the internet, we will not be doing justice to the search engines either!

Without content being good, we will have nothing to look for virtually and the search engines will be out of business! So, the importance of original and informative content cannot be undermined in the digital world.

At Businessupside.com, we offer a platform, wherein many people like you that have a passion for writing can submit quality and plagiarism free content after registering with us and enjoy a hassle-free experience of allowing your audience to know your in-depth knowledge in sharing your knowledge through your write-ups that you submit to us.

Over the years, we have built a strong community from all walks of life. Here all of us come together and create and develop content that is unparalleled.

What we understand is that there are many people that can change minds with their pens (rather than their words by typing in the keys since it is all digital now)!

Genuine, informative, and original content has the ability to connect better with the readers and also enables them to stay enticed. As a passionate facilitator of quality content, we have strived hard to bridge the gap between readers and the writers through the content that they churn out.

Allow your creative instinct to rule our community with your expertise so that we can share your knowledge. This is an excellent example of a mutual benefit for you and us where both of us derive the maximum benefit…. You share your knowledge and creativity and we promote your skills and expertise.

We boast of thousands of users that have registered with us from across the globe. Ranging from highly skilled and well-versed bloggers to an amateur, we bring them all on a common platform. So, we invite you to jump onto our bandwagon of passionate writers and add value to our forever growing community.

Why do people enjoy writing for us?

Everyone with a passion for writing loves to work with us as a writer. And why does it make sense in the first place? Check it out for yourself right here-

  1. Increased visibility for your content- Since we have a huge list of registered writers that have signed up with us, whatever you write gets exposure. Also, it reaches the right set of audience. We can assure you that your write-ups will surely reach your target audience.
  2. Your content gets seen – With a huge volume and incidence of web page views every day, you can be assured that if your content is of good quality and informative, your write-ups will inevitably get recognition.
  3. We welcome topics of various genres- Since the type or the topics of blogs and content that we accept from writers belong to different genres and categories. So, if you are an expert in a particular niche or domain, you can share your knowledge with your target audience through us.
  4. Our growth complements yours- We are growing with every passing day. So, our growth also means that your growth. We grow together for a common objective and that is to share our knowledge and enlighten the millions and thousands that refer to search engines for getting relevant and high-quality information.
  5. We connect you to your audience- Since we will be having your profile picture with us, you can be sure that your write-ups are bound to reach the audience you are writing for. We promote your posts and blogs on all major social media platforms.
  6. No restrictions on what you write except- Barring controversial content that revolves around politics, social violence, gambling, use of banned substances, and adult content, we do not have any inhibitions in publishing your work on our website.

What you must remember for a unique and fruitful bond with us for the years to come-

So, when you write for us and grow with us, all you need to do is keep these following aspects in mind. These points are not very difficult to remember or adhere to get the best out of our association-

  • Original content- We maintain certain standards and there is a benchmark that we follow at businessupside.com. We refuse to compromise with quality and originality.
  • Length of the Article – First thing first, we emphasize a lot on quality but the length of the article is something that you cannot undermine. Ideally, we expect you to write an article that has a word count that ranges between 1000 and 2500 words. The optimum length of the article also ensures that the article will be readable.
  • Work does not go unrecognized- We at businessupside.com believe that the contribution of every individual must be acknowledged. So, when you are inserting a picture or an image or any visual content, make sure that you give recognition to the work to the creator of the images or the videos.
  • Plagiarism is evil for businessupside.com- Since we are into content, original content is what we appreciate and applaud. Make sure that you submit no copy-pasted content at any point in time. We would not like to make things sour between us. So, it is best in the interest of both of us that we stick to the original content. We will no longer be able to continue working with such an individual that lacks originality and creativity. We will be bound to terminate our association. Being in the industry, we hope such a situation will never arise ever.

What you must do to make your articles visible- Few technical aspects to consider

In order that your articles are read well by all and enticing make sure you follow these rules-

  1. We would like you to include featured Image for the content you create. This applies to all the content that you develop.
  2. A Profile Image is required for creating an account.
  3. We appreciate the inclusion of at least one tag per article
  4. Every article must have just one category to deal with.
  5. In order to display SERP, customization of Title and Description is required
  6. Add as many sub-headings in your content for clarity
  7. Add images in between the content that you create.
  8. It does not make sense in diluting the topic or subject of the content by simply increasing the length of the article by adding jargon and fillers.

So, submit your quality content and we will help you to get visibility through your writings.

Happy Writing!!

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