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Market leaders or companies that want to be first in their niche conduct daily research to identify current trends. One of the tools to identify these trends in Coolhunting. This article details the methodology of this tool and its...
Monday witnessed a sharp fall in the stock markets across various countries on the fears of the Evergrande group collapsing. The question that moved around the trading desks worldwide was how the most indebted Chinese developer group would eventually...
Introduction: The economy of China and the USA The economy of China can be defined as a developing market-oriented economy, with its economic planning facilitated by industrial policies and five-year plans. It has the world’s second-largest economy (measured in nominal...
Databricks, the data, and AI company, a startup secured $1.6 billion in Series H funding at a valuation of $38 billion. This investment is at close heels when Databricks raised another $1 billion just a couple of months ago....
In recent months, British and US troops have left Afghanistan, and after 20 years of involvement and army presence, the military campaign in the country came to an end. With criticism surrounding the way in which America withdrew, how...
Since the past few years, cryptocurrency has become a regular topic among people in the finance field as well as among people who invest. Investors of cryptocurrency became very worried when china made an announcement of it banning cryptocurrency....
The primary motive is to first understand what fungible and non-fungible tokens even mean for the ordinary person? An NFT or non-fungible token could be considered as a form of a digital asset that links itself with the possession of art...
What is VXX & How to Trade it? When it comes to the stock market, there are many potential options about what to trade and how to trade certain facets of the market. These terms can get confusing, of course, so...
In the past, individual investors have always left stock sorting to the professionals. After all, they have the people and resources to sort through the outrageous amount of available data. However, a stock screener can help you tackle this task from...
How to Change Tron (TRX) to Bitcoin (BTC)? Comprehensive Guide When you decide to trade your TRON to Bitcoin, choose a site that offers you the best rates at a glance to choose from, provide you with all the necessary standards...


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