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If you are planning to buy an Apple watch and are undecided about whether to buy one with GPS or a cellular one, read on to find out few points of difference between the two. This will enable you...
Databricks, the data, and AI company, a startup secured $1.6 billion in Series H funding at a valuation of $38 billion. This investment is at close heels when Databricks raised another $1 billion just a couple of months ago....
iPhones tend to work brilliantly for a few months after you buy them but slow down after a while. Ever wondered why? This is because every time a user opens a site on the Safari browser or downloads an...
Introduction: A Minecraft map is probably one of the most vital accessories while playing the game. It becomes absolutely imperative for the user to own a map in their respective inventories in order to guide themselves back into their den...
When we say intelligent cybersecurity, it does not entail installing or implementing the most expensive software applications or programs in the IT division of the company. But it is essentially about deploying those safeguards that will protect what you...
Taking a screenshot is the process of capturing the content of a screen. Some tools can help the user to improve the quality and output of the screenshot, whether it is a part of the screen or the entire...
According to the FBI, phishing was the most prevalent crime in the category of cybercrimes in 2020. Also, the incidents almost became double than before, recording an increase from 114,702 in the year 2019 to as many as 241,324...
The Paramount Plus streaming service is one of the most affordable on the market today. Ad-supported plans will be introduced by Paramount Plus for only $5 per month. It's the "essential" plan that's cheap, and the commercial-free option that's more...
Discord started in 2012 as a voice chat app for gamers who communicated with each other through gaming terminologies. It was known to only a select range of people and for most of us normies, the app was unheard...
Facebook is the social media platform through which people can connect with others throughout the world in real via different online live activities such as chat, message, or image posting on their member or friends wall. Through this social...


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