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Free food delivery – How safe is it during the pandemic

The lockdown has made every one of us reel under boredom, monotony, depression, anxiety, and above all confinement. While students are really having a tough time juggling between online classes and online examination, life is not the same anymore. 

Due to the pandemic, people fear stirring out of their homes. People are increasingly engaged in following safety and social distancing norms. As such, eating out has become a far cry now. But does that mean that you have to be deprived of your favourite food from the best eatery in town? You can check out the many delivery deals that are so very useful during the pandemic.

free delivery food 

So, when it comes to ordering food during the pandemic, the first thing that strikes us is whether or not it is safe to order food from outside? Are free food delivery services really safe? 

Free delivery food- Fast facts

An important thing that we must always keep in mind is that “there are no free lunches”. So, regardless of whether you are using an app for ordering food or you are calling up the restaurant directly, you have to be a little wise. 

How will you order free food delivery safely?

The good news is that it has not been proved that the Coronavirus can spread through food. This holds true for food that is properly cooked. So, if ordering “free delivery food near me” is what on your mind then you can just go ahead. However, that does not necessarily mean that you will not take adequate precautions. 

free delivery near meFor instance, it is said that cooked food does not spread infection but cold salad might pose to be a risk. So, what are the best steps that you can take to stay safe while ordering food from outside? 

Remember, every vendor will want to offer free delivery services especially given the fact that they have to retain customers or perhaps make new customers during these dwindling times. 

Measures you can take to ward off infection

Let us find out more about this. Try to adhere to the following practices while looking for food delivery deals-

  • Order food from reliable and trusted food outlets/restaurants

free deliveryOne of the better ways to stay safe while ordering free food delivery is to place an order from a restaurant that you know is reputed. By doing so, you know that it will keep no stones unturned in keeping up with compliance requisites. 


  • Order for food with No-Contact Delivery

food delivery appIf you order a “no-contact food delivery” service, you do not have to meet the delivery person one-on-one. Instead, you can ask him to keep the food packet at a pre-decided place and leave. As far as payment is concerned, it is always better to make the payment virtually. 

  • Get rid of the packing papers

We have just said above that Coronavirus is not transmitted through cooked food but it does stay on surfaces for several hours. So, to be on the safe side, get rid of the outer packaging the moment you receive the food containers. 

  • Use a hand wash after receiving the delivery

best food delivery appEven if you have ordered food from the vendor next door and you think that it is a free food delivery near me, refrain from being negligent. Immediately wash your hands with soap properly and promptly. For additional safety, sanitize your hand as well. 



  • Heat the food

cheapest food delivery appBefore you sit to eat, make sure you heat the food properly at least for 2 to 5 minutes. Heat kills all germs. 

Once you are done with all the processes, you can sit down and enjoy a hearty meal with your loved ones.

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