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Everything You Need To Know Before Painting Your Home

Whether you wish to decorate your home before a festival or are looking to increase the property value of your house before selling it, a fresh coat of paint can give your home a facelift.

“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.” But even the bricks and beams sometimes need adorning. Apart from enhancing the visual appeal, painting your walls is an effective form of preventive maintenance. It helps hide surface defects, prevents molds, reduces dampness, prevents insect infestations, and repels dust and allergens. A house typically needs a fresh coat of paint every three to five years. The effectiveness and frequency will depend to a large extent on the quality of paint used. 

Even with all its benefits, we cannot deny that home painting is a grand undertaking. From selecting the colors and choosing superior quality products like Berger interior paints, to deciding whether to do it yourself or engaging contractors, there is a lot to do. Further, you’ll also need to know the dos and don’ts of the project. So before giving your walls the makeover they deserve, here are a few things to tick off. 

Professional Help is a Good Idea

DIY painting seems pretty straightforward and also a lot of fun – pick up a paintbrush, slap on some paint, and call it a day! Truth be told, painting your own walls can be a little more challenging. It requires a lot of organizing, including boxing up curtains and moving furniture. You might also need to work on a few repairs to cover cracks and imperfections, and this involves a fair amount of wall putty, sanding, and scraping. 

It’s a good idea to hire an expert to get the job done. They work carefully to fix wall damage, water stains, and rough patches. Also, consider getting waterproofing and wood coating services, as this will ensure a hassle-free and cost-effective experience. Professionals offer home painting services that meet the highest standards. They use mechanized tools for faster painting, assign trained professional painters to ensure premium finish, and follow strict protocols to ensure your safety. End-to-end home painting services like Berger Express Painting Services are designed to make your painting experience simpler. From contactless on-site consultation and transparent price estimates to safety-trained professional painters and post-job clean-up, they offer hassle-free home painting that’s faster, cleaner, and safer. 

Choosing the Right Paint For Your Home Painting 

Painting can dramatically change the mood of your home and is the most cost-effective way to give your house a makeover. While this can be exciting, it does involve a lot of decision-making. Here are five things to follow to help you choose the right. 

  • Colour Catalogue

The first step is to identify your palette. You can pick between neutral and bold color schemes; or choose a combination of the two. Dark shades add depth to the room, while bright colors make the room look larger. There are several palettes to choose from, like earthy tones, pastel, and classic neutrals. Use the Virtual Painter tool to see how your room will look with a particular color or with a combination of dark and light shades. This can help you choose the most appropriate colors and tones. Do check the physical shade cards before finalizing. How about picking a color that’s lucky for you? Simply use the color horoscope tool to pick a shade that’s recommended for your zodiac sign.

  • Type of Paint 

The ideal choice of paint differs depending on the location of your home? For example, if you live in a city prone to heavy rainfall or harsh sunlight, the exterior walls of your home need paints that will not peel, crack, chip, or fade due to their high exposure to environmental elements. People living in high rainfall areas choose anti-condensation paints that are specially made to prevent damage as a result of excess moisture. 

There are different types of paints for different needs; and, every surface type requires specialized paints. For instance, distemper and emulsion paints are perfect for walls, anti-corrosive and enamel paints suit metal surfaces like railings and gates, and ceilings need a whole different category of specially formulated paints. Features of the paint also matter while making a choice. If you have toddlers and kids, washable or easy to clean paints are the choice to make for their rooms. Antimicrobial and antibacterial paints are effective against bacterial and fungal growth and ideal for the times we live in. 

  • The Perfect Finish 

The importance of a good finish cannot be overstated. Depending on your preference, there are several finishes to choose from- You can choose textures like silky sheen, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, gloss, and matte finish. The silky sheen option is among the most popular since it easily covers imperfections. In addition, it is slightly more shiny than flat paints. Homeowners prefer this in high footfall areas, like the hallway or living room. Check out the benefits and characteristics of the other types while picking Berger paints for interior walls.

  • Interior Wall Coatings

It is an important choice, and there are several things to factor in, like qualities of paint, the perfect finish, and color. Your choice of paint will also determine the personality your home reflects for months to come. Colors evoke emotions and set the mood in your home. For instance, blue is for calmness, green is for freshness, yellow and orange are youthful colors, while reds represent power and intrigue. Pick peaches and beiges for a cozy appeal. Greys and browns can make your home look more spacious. Inferior quality paint cannot expand and contract with changing temperature and humidity and might develop cracks over time. Choose quality paints to ensure that your walls are not susceptible to cracks, preserving the architectural integrity of your home.

  • Patch Test 

Love a few colors and aren’t sure which one or which combination to pick? Allow the painters to conduct a patch test to help zero in on the color or combination. Make sure to paint two coats to get a good idea of how the colors will look in your room. Also, ensure to paint a fairly large patch (say 1 foot by 1 foot) and keep some space between the strips of different colors. 

Expert Advice: If you are not feeling up to researching to understand the types of paint and what has to be done, just ask an expert. You can get a reputed paint company to help you make the right decisions and ensure your home is in good hands. They can help you pick premium quality products that best suit your needs.

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