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Robert Bosch Research Report

About the Company

Robert Bosch GmbH is multinational German technology and engineering firm widely known as Bosch. The firm has its own headquarter in Gerlingen. Though the company is founded in 1886 in Stuttgart by Robert Bosch. At present Robert Bosch Stiftung holds 92% of Bosch. Building and energy technology, industrial technology (includes control and drive), consumer goods (includes power tools and household appliances) and mobility (Software and hardware) are the 4 business sectors and the core operating areas of Bosch.

 The aim of Bosch is to aim to secure their companies future by ensuring it develops meaningfully and strongly preserve its financial independence. Bosch wants to invent for life and they want their products to improve the life quality, spark enthusiasm and assist in natural resources conservation, and this is what keeps them motivated. The strength of this company is its presence globally, providing outstanding product quality, innovation, and work culture.

Values of Bosch

  • Future And Result Focus

Their actions are result-focused that allows them to secure the future of the company as well.

  • Sustainability and Responsibility

They act responsibly and prudently for the benefit of the environment and their society.

  • Determination and Initiative

They act on their own initiative, pursue their goals with determination and entrepreneurial responsibility is taken by them.

  • Trust and Openness

Important matters about the firm are communicated in an open fashion manner and timely.

  • Fairness

They deal fairly with their colleagues, business partners and view it as a cornerstone of their corporate success.

  • Legality, Credibility, Reliability

Bosch promises only what it can deliver, accepts contracts as bindings, and observe and respect the law in all their business transactions.

  • Diversity

They encourage and appreciate diversity as it is important for Bosch to succeed and it brings enrichment.

As of 2019, it had 398,150 employees. It has its operations in India, North America, and the United Kingdom.

Key People of Bosch

1. Volkmar Denner

Dr. Denner did his doctorate from the University of Stuttgart in Physics. He started his career in Bosch and was appointed as CEO in 2012.  He is also the board member of Baden-Badener Unternehmer-Gespräche (BBUG), a Member of the Board of Trustees of Deutscher Zukunftspreis, and a member of the managing board in German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).

2. Michael Bolle is the CDO and CTO of Bosch

Bosch Operations

The four business sectors of Bosch are:

  • Mobility Solutions

The Mobility Solutions sector of Bosch activities is powertrain peripherals and injection technology for internal combustion engines, steering systems, powertrain electrification, driver-assistance, and safety systems, repair-shop concepts vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, infotainment technology as well as vehicle-to-vehicle, services and technology for the automotive aftermarket. ETAS, Zexel, HC Cargo, Robinair, ITK Engineering, Bosch Car Service, and AutoCrew are the different brands in this sector of business.

  • Industrial Technology

The Industrial technology unit includes the control and drive technology division. The products for these include control, customized drive and factory automation linear motion, engineering & plant construction, and mobile machinery. It has a packaging Technology division as well that provides packaging and process for the foodstuff & pharmaceuticals industries. But this division, i.e the Bosch Packaging Technology became Syntegon in January 2020.

  • Consumer Goods

The Power Tools Division of this business unit is a supplier of measuring technology, power-tool accessories, and power tools. It includes products such as jigsaws, cordless screwdrivers, hammer drills, high-pressure cleaners, hedge-trimmers, and lawnmowers. This division’s focal point is cordless tools of high performance, convenience, and web-enabled services and tools.

The consumer good unit includes BSH Hausgeräte GmbH. It offers a variety of household appliances that are efficient, modern, and increasingly connected. It includes food processors, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, freezers, refrigerators, tumbler dryers, and washing machines. Gaggenau Hausgeräte, Neff GmbH, Siemens (under licence) and Dremel are brands under the consumer goods division.

  • Energy and Building Technology

The Building Technologies division has 2 business areas which are regional integrator and business for the global product for communications and security. The Energy division offers services for business automation, energy efficiency, and building security in selected countries. Both building and energy technology division has its focus on commercial applications. Conference and professional audio system, access-control, voice-alarm systems, fire-detection, intrusion-detection, and video surveillance. It has a Thermo technology division and the Bosch Global Service Solutions division as well as Robert Bosch Smart Home GmbH. Junkers, Worcester Bosch, Telex, Electro-Voice, and Dynacord are brands within this sector.

  • Other Business Areas

Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH, Bosch Software Innovations, the Grow Platform GmbH, and Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC) are the other divisions of Bosch.

Bosch has joint ventures with Static ADAS Calibration, SB LiMotive, Purolator filters, EM-motive and BSH Hausgeräte.

Locations of Bosch

Bosch has more than 440 regional entities and subsidiaries in 60 countries globally.

  • British Operations

It has its corporate head office in Denham, Buckinghamshire. It has 40 offices across York, Worcester, Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Stowmarket, Stockport, St Neots, Glenrothes, and Coventry.

  • North-America Operations

In North America, it has its corporate headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Its Research Technology Centers are located in Massachusetts, Cambridge, California, Sunnyvale, Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh. Distribution facilities and factories are located in Charleston, Anderson, Clarksville, Waltham, Owatonna, warren, Kentwood, Broadview, Hoffman Estates, 

Mt. Prospect and 11 other cities. It has 10 corporate offices in Mexico and 2 in Brazil.

  • India Operations

Bosch has seven application development centers and 31000 employees in 10 locations in India. It was in 1922 when Bosch entered India, by setting up its sales office in Calcutta. This office was set up by Lilly and Company.

Finances of Bosch

Robert Bosch Financial report

Latest news

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