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Want to Enjoy Life and Work Efficiently at the Same Time?

What is Work Life Balance?

Meaningful daily achievement and enjoyment in each of the four life quadrants: work, family, friends and self is balanced work life. Maslow says that people have needs, which had to be met in order. Before anything else can be considered, basic physiological needs  such as food, water, and shelter must be provided. After that, people need to feel safe, and then to be loved and belong to a group. You may have a to-do list with 50 tasks on it. So, to maintain work life balance you need to prioritize those tasks into four categories, that are:

  • Urgent and important
  • Important but not urgent
  • Urgent but not important
  • Neither urgent nor important

Watch the video to know more about how to maintain balance between work and life

When personal issues arise, it can be tempting to bury yourself in your work. Don’t do it If you don’t make time for your personal life – your “me” time, including your family and your health – you won’t have a business to go back to. Creating a balance between how you think, how you work and how you spend your time is essential to your long-term health and mental well-being. The desire to create that change only comes from within.

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Aurora Chowdhury
Aurora Chowdhury is a Business Psychology Graduate from Kingston University, London. She has expertise in domains like Business Psychology, Management, Strategic Management, and Business Strategy. She has a growth mindset and strongly believes in perseverance. She regularly writes for various websites and also conducts counselling sessions.

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