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Every person at workplace can fall victim to boredom or monotony. Generally, repetitive tasks are the causes of monotony and boredom. At times, these two workplace evils can affect performance, efficiency and productivity. There are many ways people fight...
It’s essential to maintain a positive relationships between boss and employees. Generally, it is not a good impression to be the best friend of your boss. Moreover, it is also considered to be a bad idea of knowing your...
We will see some programmer humor. Programmer deals with debugging their codes. Debugging sometime becomes frustrating. Usually, programmers ignores the warnings are and try to resolve the errors first. Here are some funny developer quotes - “Any fool can write...
Usually, every website compete to show their page in the 1st page of google search results. As, people usually don't go to the 2nd page of search results. Here are some workplace quotes related to google search and page...
SEO specialists or SEO experts are responsible for optimization of websites in order to ensure higher page rankings in search engines. Linkbait is high quality content people link to their websites. Here we will see some humor quotes on...
In securing information systems, a Cybersecurity Expert plays an important role. They monitor, analyze, detect, investigate security events. And protect systems from cybersecurity risks. Here we will see some quotes on cyber security expert.  Cybersecurity specialists protect the core business data of...
Stock market is the aggregation between sellers and buyers of shares.From small individual stock investors to larger investors participates in the stock market. Here we will see some quotes on stock market. Let's see some quotes on the stock market - ...
Banker is a person employed by a bank, especially as an executive or other official. In a typical day, they assists clients by setting up checking and savings accounts, authorizing loans. It is too much stressful to maintain all...
We going to see some humor quotes on what gives people feeling of power. The feeling of power inherits positive thoughts. If someone realizes how powerful his/her thoughts are, he will never think negative. In organizations, lack of humor makes employees feel...
Why is sales revenue important? In any organisation, the importance of sales revenue in very much. Revenue is calculated in a product based company as number of unit sold times average price. For companies, the revenue represents the starting point to...


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