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How to use Rabb.it: Some fundamental ideas

Rabbit, also named Rabb.it, was a popular mobile application and video streaming website that came into existence in 2014. Based out of California, US, Rabbit allowed countless users to distantly surf and view the same content simultaneously. 

How to use Rabb.it: Some basic facts 

how to start a rabbit streamTo use Rabb.it, a host had to generate a room and send requests to others to join it. As a substitute, the host can make the room open to the public so that it is noticeable on the homepage of the site. In this way, anybody can participate in this room and share content with the help of a virtual machine known as “Rabbitcast”. Alternatively, they can also use the “Share on Rabbit” Google Chrome extension. A sign-up option with Facebook was also available for the users.

Using the rabbit chrome extension is easy. Viewers just need to open their chosen website in another tab. In it, they have to click the rabbit extension icon and subsequently, “start sharing”. It would open the video on Rabb.it. Nonetheless, the original tab has to remain open.  

rabbit streamingNo matter what content the host shares, the same gets visible to the other participants of the rabb.it rooms together with visuals and sound. Rabb.it rendered audiovisuals and text messages together with this feature.

Rabbit did not introduce the content watched on it and this is different from other well-admired streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube. Rather, it streamed Rabbitcast, which is a virtual machine equipped with a web browser. Users utilized this browser to redirect to other content and sites.

The Rabbitcast served as a Rabb.it- launched, common Firefox browser that anybody in the room could watch and regulate. There was a pre-installed advertisement blocker or ad filter in the in-built web browser.  

How did the Rabbit website perform? 

how does rabb.it workIn 2013, following a beta release that provided restricted Mac-based operability, the organization undertook the venture of restyling Rabb.it in the form of a web application. This initiative took place in the summer months of 2014. The facility was launched and by the close of the year, it achieved around 400,000 users. There were approximately 3.6 million participants every month. Rabbit streaming service witnessed the viewers utilizing the service and watching its content for 12.5 hours each month on an average basis. Among them, the most dynamic participants used Rabbit streaming for 28 hours and 30 minutes monthly. In May 2019, the organization had just 30 workers throughout the world.

how to use rabbit tvHowever, there was a formal declaration from the CEO of Rabbit website, Amanda Richardson in July 2019. It stated that the site was going to shut down its business. This was the outcome of a series of venture capital funding gone haywire in May 2019. The CEO had no other way out but to retrench employees and start closing down Rabb.it straightaway. Despite declarations that every employee had to leave the company, the website still stayed in a semi-operational status till July 31, 2019. At this point in time, the servers of the website ultimately ceased operations. 

A proclamation made on July 31, 2019, stated that the leftover resources like software pile, intellectual property, and various copyrights – had been taken over by Kast, a similar streaming siteTherefore, since July 31, 2019, this popular content-sharing site has been tagged as defunct.

What can you expect from Rabb.it alternatives? 

alternatives to rabb.itWe know that Rabbit was a prominent and much sought-after platform that allowed you to watch a movie together with your friends, watch content at the same time with everyone, stream, and interact with one another. The best part was that you could do all this in real-time. This particular feature that all this could be shared and enjoyed with your friends and family made the mobile application Rabb.it even more attractive. 

However, due to a shortage of funds, the company stopped its operations. Also, it sold all the assets it had to Kast. The new owners have promised that it will be incorporating all the features that were present in Rabb.it very soon, but there are many that do not have the patience to wait for so long. 

how does rabb.it workAlso, the newly added features that Kast has added is not going down too well with the users. So, while Kast keeps its promise of bringing back the charm of Rabbit, there are a few alternatives that are doing their rounds in the market. 

What are some of the features of these new applications that you can expect? Will these features match up to what Rabb.it had offered to its amused users, way back when it was launched? Let us find out more about the same. 

You will come across many other sites like rabbit. However, rabbit won the hearts of viewers due to its flexibility and ease of use. The main aim of this application is to let friends and close ones that are physically not close to each other can still stay connected by spending virtual time together, watching movies, and having fun.

It was made available on your web platforms as well as on mobiles. The best feature it boasted of was watching movies or videos in real-time. After having being launched in 2015, there was no looking back for this application.

Although there are many alternatives to rabbit streaming, this was perhaps the best and most sought-after.

Having discussed how Rabb.it works, let us find out a few other aspects about the program.

How did the phenomenon call Rabb.it begin in the first place? This mobile application and video streaming website had a beta release way back in the year 2013. At that point in time, it offered to its users a “limited Mac-only functionality”.

However, the very next year in 2014 summer, the application Rabb.it was revamped by the company as a web app. Just after the service kicked off, the application attracted as many as 400,000 users just by the end of a single year.

At one point in time, it had as many as 3.6 million active users on a monthly basis. And what were offered to the users of rabb.it? The users enjoyed viewing content as a service. It was found that on average, the users that were very active spent 28.5 hours a month and an average user was not very far behind with a viewing duration of not less than 12.5 hours per month.

Workforce of Rabb.it

As of May 2019, there were as many as 30 employees on the rolls of the company. The CEO of the company Amanda Richardson declared that the company would stop operations the following year. Due to lack of funding, the company had to lay off its employees. The financial distress was eminent in May when it failed to get funds.

As such, Rabb.it was compelled to bring down its shutters. However, even after announcing that the staff was laid off, the company continued its operations until July of 2019. The servers were finally shut down on 31st July 2019.

All its assets and IP or Intellectual property were handed over to its successor or “fellow streaming service” Kast.

Reasons for Kast’s failure in running Rabbit servers

After the company closed its shutters and was acquired by Kast, Rabbit movie sharing application was still missed by the loyalists.

The so-called tech stack was operating from a brick-and-mortar environment rather than data centers. And Kast was operating from a cloud-based environment. Although, members of Kast believed that they could incorporate everything that was “Rabb.it” into their portfolio, yet at the end of the day the modifications were very much “Kast”.

While Kast had acquired pending patents, Rabbit patents, software stack of Rabbit, yet it did not show interest in acquiring the data centers and servers of Kast.

Rabbit like websites

People’s obsession with Rabb.it has not faded away as yet. Realizing the massive success of the application, many companies tried to offer similar services to the users.

As of 2021, it is being anticipated that many such alternatives to Rabb.it will be made available to the people that are still in love with Rabb.it and would not mind getting a more or less similar service on a different platform. So, here are a few of the alternatives that you can expect to see in this new year.

1. Netflix Party

This is basically a “new extension” in the Google chrome store. It has been a huge success in 2020. And the trend is expected to spill over in the current year too. You can expect to enjoy streaming coordination services by connecting to the application.

2. Ravo.io

This application is particularly enjoyable for people that love entertainment on their phones. An added feature of Rave.io is that this platform allows users to exchange textual as well as voice conversations with their friends.

3. Watch2Gether

This is another alternative to Rabb.it that you can enjoy with your friends. Chat room features, synchronizing video player, creating a playlist are some of the features of this application. In order to access the services, it is not necessary for you to open an account with the platform.

Aside from the above, you will be able to enjoy video streaming and watching movies with your friends in real-time on other platforms too. Two other such platforms that are equally popular include TwoSeven.XYZ and Airtime.

So, if you have still not been able to get over the sudden closure of Rabb.it, these are a few Rabbit like websites that you can watch out for to enjoy your favorite movies with your friends.

Features of Alternatives to Rabb.it that You Might Expect

  1. With one such application, there are three things that you will be able to enjoy with the help of a webcam you will be able to enjoy live reaction, maximum support for video streaming, and the real-time feature is available too. 
  2. Video queuing, on-screen chat, and swift user management are a few of the other features that you can expect to enjoy on other applications that are similar to Rabb.it. Aside from the above, you can expect live playback synchronization and minimal interface. 
  3. Another supposedly alternative to Rabb.it allows you not just to watch videos together but you can also shop together on Amazon. This is surely going to be a favourite among the girl gang since shopping is something that cannot be missed especially when you are in the mood to hang around, watch videos and movies together. However, you will find that most of the applications will support Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, and Hulu but not all. So, when you are planning to settle for an application, make sure that you will get all the channels for watching different types of movies, together with your friends and family. 
  4. Few applications are there that also support the use of emojis, GIFs while you are chatting with your friends and watching movies together. 

So, despite the fact that so many other applications have flooded the market with an aim to take on the once existing Rabb.it yet very few have actually been able to match up to the original.

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