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Latest Facebook Advertisement Trends You Need To Try Now

Facebook holds a huge user base, making it an excellent place for brand awareness and advertisement. With proper ad campaigns, any brand can generate successful and effective advertisements through Facebook. Here are a few latest trends for generating leads with Facebook ads

Video Advertisements will Remain Popular

Videos are visual aspects to attract viewers. However, modern-day viewers give a short time. Hence, informative video advertisement helps retain their attention, resulting in a better marketing aspect.

An interesting fact is that a video advertisement on Facebook products yearly 5.32% ctr. So try to get an engaging video advertisement with a clickable link. It will be a great way to advertise your brand and divert the traffic to your website for better link building.

Emojis will Rule Everything

People love emojis. They are fun, exciting and often add a free personal attachment to the content. Moreover, emojis also help create a visual effect in regular content, engaging and viewer-friendly. This year, emoji will rule the Facebook advertising world. So, try to include three to six relevant emojis that can make a connection with your viewers.

Moreover, Instagram reels have already started a revolution with emoji in video advertising and content. People love such advertisements. So, if you are planning to use Facebook stories for advertising, get content that looks like Insta posts and hove a vibe similar to Instagram reels. It will instantly attract people.

Keep it Diverse

Diversity is going to be a new trend in 2021. As Facebook is growing day by day, it is getting new sections and features which you can use for advertisements. So, to successfully utilize Facebook, you need to check the diversity of the content you are using. The trend will be to have different advertisement cookies to post in various sections of Facebook.

For stories, small ads with one-liners are great. On the other hand, simple ads with three to four sentences are great for small Facebook ads. If you are going to grab viewers’ attention through our Facebook page, try using longer content with detailed advertisements that are more than 3 minutes long.

Newsfeed Posts will rule the World

People usually check their Facebook news feed first. So advertisements that look like news feed posts will become more relevant. Such advertisements typically have higher chances of barring the attention of the viewers. Moreover, these ads also allow you to blend in your advertisement in regular posts. As a result, these often become more interesting as the viewers land on them. The blender design with more images and attractive visuals also prevents the viewers from scrolling down and detailing their attention.

Grammar will Take a Back Seat

Conversational English, mainly social media English, often does not follow strict rules regarding grammar. This year, the content will grow close to conversational English, resulting in less accurate grammar and more viewer-friendly. So, you don’t need to work out grammar anymore from now on.


Facebook holds excellent potential as an advertisement hub. You can connect with Sendkoala to design Facebook advertisements that help in generating leads with Facebook ads. You can also try the trends mentioned above for an engaging and successful Facebook ad campaign.

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