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iPhone Maker Foxconn Reveals 3 Electric Vehicles – Here’s a Glimpse


There has been almost a decade worth of hype surrounding electronic vehicles and their future globally. People are slowly starting to see the signs of the revolutionary inception of the electronic vehicle industry take over. There was a sale of nineteen EV vehicles 2021 in the United States in the earlier half of 2021. The country also saw the sale of several hybrid models and models built around plug-in hybrids as well. Foxconn, the famed Apple iPhone maker, has been known for its iconic creation to almost every person who has even a mild interest in technology. The company originating from Taiwan is a behemoth when it comes to electronic devices, and as understandable the iPhone is a case in point. The same electronic Giant Foxconn has announced plans to launch three different electronic vehicles this Monday. The teaser came out in the form of a video that showed snippets of the three EVs but more can be learned about the launch on Monday

Foxconn EV and the future of EV vehicles in 2021

Foxconn released a teaser video last week which consisted of snippets of its plans to launch three different electronic vehicles. Foxconn plans to compete with the biggest EV companies that are based mostly in China and talks were going around about the iPhone making company investing itself in what can be considered one of the most lucrative project endeavors for the future. The talks became true when Foxconn announced that it is about to launch three EV vehicles on the auspicious event of Hon Hai Tech Day which falls on the 18th of October. The EV zone has become a hub of investments because of its very promising future. Huge established names in the vehicle business as well as start-ups and of course tech firms as big as Foxconn have decided to place big bets in this endeavor of detaching the vehicles from gas fuels. The future of vehicles is electronic and hence, a company as huge as Foxconn has made a safe bet with its innovation plans. 

What was in the clip that could change the game for 2022 electric cars?

The teaser released by Foxconn showed a pitch-black Sedan car that had sleek but full-width illuminated bars that ran across its frontier and posterior portions. On a closer examination, it would be revealed that there is a Pininfarina badge that is placed right on the front fender which comes with a huge revelation of its own. The famed Italian storied design house that has designed big car names like the Maserati and the Ferrari has the same logo. This would mean that the same Italian design house is inevitably involved in the design of the EV vehicles being produced by Foxconn. Yes, it is a piece of jaw-dropping news.

However, the makers were smart enough to not reveal too much about the design since only bits and pieces of the car can be seen in a manner that the entire design is barely legible for the viewer to put together. However, Foxconn has made up for the lacuna because it did reveal the full designs. The other two electronic vehicles include a Bus and an SUV. The vehicles are being built by Foxconn under the banner of the Foxtron brand.

What is the future for the Taiwanese Tech Giant Foxconn?

Foxconn has big plans for the future which it has revealed in bits and pieces. The company revealed its plans to buy the Ohio-based electronic truck factory called Lordstown Motors in September. It has agreed to buy the same for a whopping amount of almost 230 million USD. Foxconn also promised that it would look over the manufacturing and production of the acquired company’s first electronic vehicle, which they integrated as a clause within their deal. This buyout could prove to be a gamechanger for Lordstown Motors.

There have also been discussions around the company working with Fisker, which is yet another EV vehicle startup brand. Foxconn is said to start manufacturing vehicles alongside Fisker during the first half of 2023.


With the increasing popularity of the EV vehicle industry, almost every concept or plan to ever reach the showroom stage possesses an EV angle to it. Now because of the pandemic, the plans do not even reach the showrooms, they are simply live-streamed with an electronic angle. Although automakers have promised to launch as many as a dozen vehicles over the decade, the problem still lies in the fact that how many people would drive an EV vehicle. Even the governments have initiated regulations that would help promote the EV industry and cut off on gas-fueled cars. Improvements have also been made to facilitate the charging infrastructure and the technology surrounding the battery. This inevitably means that the future is EV vehicles.

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