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Evaluating Workday Partners

So, you’ve finally decided to sign on with Workday. Good. Excellent decision. You’ll soon be able to ditch your old, lumbering, clunky, outmoded way of doing things and will become much more efficient, faster, agile and interconnected, in terms of organizational operations. The system’s technological wizardry will help drive strategic decisions that will favorably affect your bottom line.

But you’re just at Step One. Now, to optimize the launch of your new software, and for ongoing support, once the deployment is complete, you need assistance. Because Workday understands this, it has put together a global roster of partners that can help you. However, in our view, at least one partner stands above the rest.

Here’s what you need to know when evaluating Workday partners – and more.

What is Workday?

The cloud-based software proprietor is a purveyor of human capital management and financial management apps that aim to help organizations achieve their business objectives. From just one system, Workday delivers administrative and user tools across human resources, financials, staffing, planning, analytics, and more.

What are Workday Partners?

Workday Services Partners are all extensively trained on Workday products, and they know all the methodologies, all tools, to make quick and efficient work of deployment. Just as importantly, if not more so, the partners can also handle the ongoing adoption of new capabilities.

Who are Workday Partners?

These partners are part of a community that Workday has carefully put together over the years to help organizations with deployment and beyond. These partners – systems integrators and regional firms and the like – have the expertise you need to help you get the value from your Workday investment.

What About Mercer?

Mercer indeed is one of the 100 or so certified Workday partners. In fact, the firm has been a partner since 2014 and is an international leader in health, talent, retirement, and investments. It has some 20,000 employees in more than 43 countries.

What’s special about Mercer? We can count the ways, but its chief selling point is that it proffers an exquisite melding of formidable HR consulting and business expertise with deep knowledge of Workday and its myriad capabilities. Mercer’s human capital management teams work all over the world to streamline and help their strategic initiatives come to fruition.

How Can Mercer Help?

In a nutshell, Mercer can help you get more return on your Workday investment and make sure your implementation is on point for your company. In addition to deployment, the firm knows, inside and out, about optimization, and post-launch and application-management support.

More specifically, Mercer is great at maximizing your platform for employee management. It integrates Workday into your strategy and makes certain that Workday Human Capital Management is in line with your business requirements and processes.

Because it takes a holistic view of Workday and produces an implementation plan based on accurate data, Mercer can upend your company’s finances – in a good way – and ensure easy adoption.

The firm also knows how to use the entire Workday platform to leverage collaborations between HR and finance and can help you effectively manage apps and adopt nascent features – at the speed of the cloud.

Now you know that when it comes to evaluating Workday partners – like most anything else – you’ll find that some are better than others, depending on your needs. One thing for sure is that you’ll need assistance to wring the most from your deployment, plus ongoing support for upgrades or any fixes. 

We happen to like the consultant Mercer best. Do your research and go with the firm that best suits you.

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