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Consumer Spending in US Powers Ahead Despite Inflation Lurking Large

Bloomberg News states that the American consumers, which is the main engine of the economy of United States, recorded minimum hesitation when it came to spending in the last month, although inflation has been speeding up faster than what has been seen in the last three decades, triggering an economy for a spurt in the new year.

The Commerce Department said that the purchase of goods and services, after being unadjusted for change in the price showed an increase by 1.3%, which is the most that have been seen after March. Although accounting for prices was higher, spending was more than the projection implying that consumers have embarked upon their holiday shopping quite early. 

Few reasons why the economists had upgraded their tracking estimates for the 4th quarter growth in the economy is due to the spurt in the sale, which can be referred to as pre-Thanksgiving data and include a surge in export activities, increased sale of new homes that have picked up like never before and placing robust orders for business equipment

These reports further make things complicated for the Federal Reserve policymakers that are trying hard to balance inflation and the labor market that has a shortfall of as many as 4 million jobs as compared to the pre-pandemic levels. According to the President San Francisco Fed Bank, Mary Daly, who is the latest official to suggest a measure that includes tapering off the asset purchase program of the central bank, reports Bloomberg News. 

The personal consumption expenditures price gauge which is used by the Federal Reserve for its inflation target increased by 0.6% from a month ago and 5% from October 2000. After adjustments were made for higher inflation, spending increased 0.7% as goods and services outlay picked up. 

The economists at JPMorgan Chase & Co revisited their fourth-quarter GDP monitoring estimate to annualized 7% from 5% after Wednesday’s data. The economists of Morgan Stanley increased their running forecast up by 8.7% from 3%, and Capital Economics assesses the growth of 6.5% in growth now. 

That does not necessarily mean that there are no challenges to the economy. An increase in demands has further exerted pressure on the supply chains and due to inflation, there has been a collapse in consumer sentiment. To add to this, Covid cases have been picking up, which further restrains activities in winter to pick up. 

Pay for Workers

Wages and salaries have risen 0.8% in October following a 0.9% increase, as per the report from the Commerce Department. Wages are also being raised by many companies that include Macy’s Inc and Sherwin-Williams Co. 

According to the chief economist at Amherst Pierpont Securities, Stephen Stanley, if the wage growth is what it is now at a sustainable pace, spending can continue to remain the same without any help from the government despite the rapid inflation, reports Bloomberg News. 

Personal income increased 0.5% although assistance from the government to workers has dropped during the pandemic further. The rate of saving fell to 7.3%, which is more in line with the pre-pandemic reading signifying that there is less cushion for the Americans to fall back upon. 

Disposable personal income or the after-tax income after adjusted for inflation dropped for the third month, recording a drop of 0.3$ October. Inflation-adjusted spending incurred rose 1% in the last month on merchandise and outlays increased 0.5% for services, as per the report. 

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