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The Flux Beamo – a $1500 Laser Cutting Wonder

One of the latest to enter the laser cutting area is none other than is beamo, which is a compact 30W laser cutter built by Flux. It is also an engraver. Flux is a Taiwan-based team that people still remember for having raised $1.6 million on Kickstarter back in 2014 with the team’s Flux Delta 3D printer/scanner/engraver. 

Just as with Delta, Flux is seeking again for Kickstarter for the launch of Flux beamo. They have already crossed the goal they had set of $25,000 pretty fast with the present situation being approximately at $350,000 that was raised. 

Beamo laser cutter – Find out more about the wonder machine

Let us find out the features of this unique laser cutting machine. 

The laser cutting machine is equipped with a built-in camera system that will allow you to scan the work bed before you can drag and drop the designs. Calibration of the camera will be asked for when you connect to it for the first time. you have to place a paper on the work bed after which Beam Studio will click a picture to check for the test pattern. 

Although the camera is not instant it is quick because if you want to scan the whole work area, it will take about 30 seconds, all you must do is drag the boundary to be scanned. The software application Beam Studio will keep you notified of any updates that take place. As far as the configuration is concerned, the laser of beamo is manually focused. It means that you will have to manually do things by hand every time you keep a new item in the machine. 

As far as the noise is concerned, when the fans run in full force, it does not happen so silently but the noise is not that uncomfortable to annoy you. In other words, it is around 65db, which is a little louder than the vacuum cleaner. 

Maintenance is inevitable if you own Beamo laser cutter. But if you have the cutter configured well, it will go on for some time without readjustments. As far as the laser tube, lens, and mirror are concerned, they will last for about a year. According to the Flux team, the cost of these parts must be between $19 and $139 when you try to replace them. 

It is important to keep the parts well cleaned at all times so that it works well when you use them the next time. 

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