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DSers Dropshipping Solution Makes It Easy to Sell Online In An New Way

Dropshipping is a great business model for aspiring entrepreneurs because it’s so easy to access. With dropshipping, you can quickly test different business ideas while reducing downsides and letting you know how to select and market desired products. And handy tools can save you time and energy when running a dropshipping business.

There are numerous dropshipping tools and solutions on the Shopify app store for you. DSers is one of the best among those dropshipping tools.

What Is DSers

Most traditional dropshipping order management is tedious and takes too much time. That’s why DSers were created. The aim is for businesses to use the same combination of platforms to enhance their promotional and marketing efforts.

How to Dropship with DSers

DSers is the new standard for the dropshipping business and is AliExpress’s official partner. DSers is in constant contact with the AliExpress official team to continuously improve the platform and make it as reliable and efficient as possible for users. Working with AliExpress also means you are on AliExpress’s white list.

Dropshipping Solution

Placing orders is just one good thing you can do with DSers. Every shop owner knows it’s important to be able to customize your products and offers, and you can do this in a number of ways.

Step 1: Find the best suppliers for your store and customers. DSers Supplier Optimizer was created to find a better supplier for your product. 

Dropshipping Solution

This feature makes it easy for you to find new suppliers that sell the exact same product, but with better reviews and cheaper prices. With Supplier Optimizer, you can easily find alternatives to your current supplier with just a few clicks.

Step 2: When you get to the trustworthy suppliers, you can quickly and easily import products from AliExpress and edit them directly in DSers before putting them into the store. 

You can edit and personalize your products by changing titles, visuals and even splitting them to make them more suitable for your customers. DSers Import Lists also helps organize your products with labels to find what you need faster!

Step 3: Apply different pricing rules and shipment methods according to the types of products.

Dropshipping Solution

Shipping Settings and Automatic Pricing are the two features that can automate pricing and shipping instead of setting those methods manually for every single product you import into DSers. 

Step 4: When orders come in, you can place all of them to AliExpress with a few clicks, and the track number & order status will automatically be up to date. With DSers Bulk Order, you can place all the new orders you received and put them all together, and send them to AliExpress in just seconds! 

Dropshipping Solution

Providing your customers with the right information and feedback can influence whether they come back to your store to buy again. DSers Auto Sync Tracking Numbers automatically synchronizes the tracking number when AliExpress is available and then transmits it to your store to notify customers. DSers Auto Update Order Status automatically tracks the status and information of all your orders. The new order will be displayed as soon as you receive it, and the order will move to a different Tab based on its current status.

Step 5: When your customers receive their packages and give you positive reviews, the order is completed. You can repeat the first 4 steps again and count your money. All you need is to install DSers and click the buttons because DSers takes care of the rest.

You now know how to operate a dropshipping business, if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to go to DSers ask for professional help and suggestions.

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