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How to Sell CS:GO Skins both Fast and Secure?

CS:GO is popular among gamers around the world, and this is in part due to a unique opportunity to earn money: having figured out how to sell CS:GO skins, you can get real money for them. Each player can choose realistic or rather unusual skins, varying them according to their tastes. You can buy and sell skins in different ways, and the benefits that you receive and the time spent on selling depend on this.

Official Marketplace

Players who are thinking about how to sell CS:GO skins most profitably may first of all come up with the idea to use the official store, working through the Steam trading platform. This option is considered to be the easiest since you do not have to use third-party sites. However, it has several disadvantages. The most important of them is that funds are transferred to your Steam wallet, which means they can only be used to buy games. 

official marketplace
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Selling an expensive skin often takes a long time, and can include a price adjustment following market changes. Therefore, this method is not suitable for those looking for how to sell CS:GO skins quickly and withdraw money to their wallet.

Sell ​​Skins on Third-Party Sites

Many sites and communities have emerged that offer players the opportunity to sell skins at competitive prices. Some of them work as trading platforms, that is, they provide players with the opportunity to negotiate with each other and conclude deals. This option is convenient since you can receive money in a matter of minutes via PayPal, Qiwi, or any other wallet. At the same time, there is always a risk of being deceived by an unscrupulous buyer.

You should bear in mind that to sell skins, you may need to authorize using your Steam account. This is necessary to do so that the service can interact with your inventory and send a request to transfer the skins you want to sell. If the site turns out to be fraudulent, you risk losing inventory items, many of which can be quite costly. Therefore, you should carefully study the site that you plan to use:

  • Typically, trading sites have groups on social networks. Study reviews in the support group of the site and thematic communities;
  • Read the terms and conditions of the site. Make sure that you are satisfied with the proposed withdrawal methods;
  • Check what commission is taken when withdrawing money and whether the service guarantees a money transfer to your account.

sell on third party side
Image Source- Pexels

DMarket.com is considered one of the best platforms for buying and selling gaming items. This marketplace is included in the top-3 platforms operating on the blockchain. There are over 20 reliable payment methods available. Every transaction on DMarket is recorded on the NFT blockchain to ensure top security and to prove ownership of each item.

Based on the above tips, you will be able to profitably sell skins without risking the security of your account. Good luck!

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