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Classic Ear Lobe Cuffs Review

These stunning and dainty ear cuffs are the perfect accessory for your ears. They are exclusively designed for evergreen combinations and come in pairs. All lobe cuffs are lightweight making them suitable for wearers who want a weightless feeling on their jewelry. With that, they are perfect pieces of jewelry to wear anytime, anywhere! These ear cuffs are comfortable, easy to use, and are guaranteed to grab the attention of people around you.

Ear Lobe Cuffs

Style and Material

These earpieces are made from Ecobrass materials and it has a Lobe cuff style. Moreover, it comes in three colors; gold coating with e-coating and 14k yellow gold electroplating, Rose Gold coating with e-coating and 14k rose gold electroplating, and Silver coating with e-coating and Rhodium electroplating. It is polished and smooth, which makes it comfortable to wear around your ears. It can be worn during festivals as well as normal days because of its glamorous look and classy style.

Unlike other clasps that cause intense pain to the sensitive skin around the ears, these lobe cuff piercings do not cause any such problem to women’s ears and it is extremely skin-friendly. Each piece is lovely, made by hands under decent working conditions. You can choose whichever color matches your dress best out of various shades available in the pack so that you look even more appealing in front of others.


You can choose between 2 different sizes depending upon your ear size. The larger one will suit large-sized ears while the smaller one would fit someone who has small-sized ears. If you are not sure about what size would fit you perfectly then measure up your current ear cuffs first before ordering them online so that there are no problems after receiving them. Their style is designed to look compact and relaxed around the lobe.

The short cuff has a total width of 9mm and each piece weighs 1 gram. Moreover, it has an inner diameter (drop) of 6mm or 7.6mm and will fit piercings stretched at 8mm and above. The long cuff has a total width of 18mm and each piece weighs 3 grams. It has an inner diameter (drop) of 6mm or 7.6mm and it will fit piercing stretched at 14mm and above.

Ear Lobe Cuffs

If you observe shrinkage begin to occur, just pop in a plug or tunnel intermittently to keep the anticipated size of your ear lobe.

Quality and Value

You will be impressed with how well-made these lobe cuffs are. Its finish is beautiful and you can wear it several times to show friends, and everyone will love it. This is an affordable option for someone looking to get their first pair of lobe piercings or who likes inexpensive jewelry. They look great with every outfit and anyone can wear them—from pre-teens to adults.


The Classic Lobe Ear Cuff is a beautifully designed ear cuff for both men and women. Its 2 sizes ensure that it will fit almost any ear shape and size. Order yourself a pair and try them out – you won’t regret it!

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