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Increase your AD Revenue with SSAI Technology

The OTT landscape has undergone many modifications during the last decades, and there has been considerable supply development. According to Pixalate’s recent research, the industry has witnessed a substantial increase in the number of over-the-top content apps supporting programmatic. What is more, there has been a considerable increase in advertisement volume; the number of OTT ad impressions boosted 4.3 fold or by almost 330 percent.

The numbers look stunning, and they’re anticipated to increase, partly because of the rising OTT general viewership during a pandemic. For example, based on the estimations of Nielson, the use of CTV in the United States alone accounted for almost 12.5B hours monthly. After the lockdown started, total hours spent with devices were up 80 percent, equating to nearly four billion hours of CTV usage weekly. What else is getting attention is the rising significance of Server-side ad integration or SSAI technology.

What Exactly Server-Side Ad Insertion Is?

Server-Side Ad Insertion is a way of inserting advertisements dynamically into video content. The file must already be long-form and excellent. It doesn’t matter if you’re a content owner or a media distributor; SSAI improves advertisement insertion.

The kind of file SSAI is valuable for OTT video services- this could be live, linear, or on-demand video content. Server-Side Ad Integration offers a bufferless way of marketing or advertising. Shifting from content to advertisement is seamless, offering a contented user experience.

SSAI providers are mediators and work between ad servers and OVP or Online Video Player. The advertisements are suitably placed in the video file by easing and helping the communication between two entities.

This ad can be changed easily to target every user watching the video content. So, it means you can optimize content for the utmost results. Server-Side Ad Integration has an MM or Manifest Manipulator component which splices flaws for customers. This Manifest Manipulator significantly makes the choices. It chooses which ad to serve the customer, recovers the advertisement, and then darns said advertisement into the file at the last period, in a frame-precise way.

How does SSAI Work? 

How does Server-Side Ad Insertion work?  It’s vital to emphasize the dynamic portion of the SSAI or Server-side. This can make a more holistic comprehending of the ad process. The active idea means SSAI accounts for continuous change and is set to adapt to the users. By preparing for constant change, SSAI offers longevity in the ad sphere.

The SSAI concepts bring in a 3rd party to the ad sphere. So, meaning Server-Side is handling the groundwork of getting ads transcoded as well as sewed up into the file being seen by the users. Keeping this thing in mind: it is time to know the important perks that Server Side can offer.

SSAI Technology: The Concept Behind

SSAI technology is a mixture of many elements such as:

  • Manifest Manipulator: Accountable for making a streaming file or playlist that is a constant mixture of ads and content.
  • CDN or Content Delivery Network: This technology of server nodes instantly determines the utmost source to stream advertisement to the end-user.
  • ADS or Ad Decision Server: It chooses what advertisements to sew into the content based on the location of the users as well as other factors.

What are the Perks of SSAI?

There are many perks of SSAI that you need to consider if you’re into the OTT business. Some of these benefits take account of the following: 

  • Live Streaming Optimization: SSAI utilized adaptive bitrate streaming to sew up ads into content. This system adapts to different bandwidths to work with slow internet. Thus, the users feel like they are viewing one steady stream despite taking an ad break. On the contrary, CSAI spoils the experience by presenting buffering and latency problems.
  • Personalize Ad: SSAI allows vendors to provide pertinent content to users based on geolocation and search queries. The personalized content is not restricted to service or product offerings; also, it can offer weather forecasts, local news, and traffic.
  • Improved Earning: The loss of profit from advertisement blocking in the United States reached billions in the coming years. SSAI counters ad blockers; as a result boosting the ad profit. On the other hand, it also improves user experience by customizing ads and offering them flawlessly. What is more, viewers are less troubled by ads. It is your way to OTT monetization.

Live Streaming SSAI: Why You Need to Consider this State of the Art Technology 

Live streaming keeps on rising, dominating the consumption of the video market. Keeping this thing in mind, it is a sure bet which advertisers wish to ensure they’re getting the service in front of the audience.

SSAI is revolutionary as you can use it in live streaming. SSAI vendors are able to know which advertisements will suit every viewer.

SSAI is instantly becoming the norm in live streaming. It is evident from the perks of SSAI that with regards to streaming content, it is the clear winner. When you’re live streaming, it is also a smart idea to think of CDN techniques.

When Can You Use Server-Side Ad Insertion Technology?

Stitching an ad can enhance user experience as well as boost revenue for many media owners out there who offer video content. This state of the art technology plays a vital role in improving the revenue of:

  • OTT: Server-Side Ad Insertion or SSAI technology gets rid of pauses between ads and video content, providing a consistent and stress-free user experience for mobile devices and desktops as well.
  • CTV: Serve Side Ad Insertion incorporates video content that people view on gaming platforms, Smart TVs as well as other streaming tools and devices.
  • Broadcasters: Broadcasters and operators alike offer higher value for spectators and advertise through substituting one size fits all breaks for customized ads.

To Sum Up

SSAI technology is indeed a superb ad delivery system for OTT, CTV as well as video streaming services. This type of technology optimizes advertisements for the viewer. In addition, server advertising assists avoid ad-blockers and, as a result, get the ad income better.

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