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How to Network on LinkedIn – Ways to Network and Dos and Don’ts

Networking has always been one of the main features of this professional platform, LinkedIn. However, if you are new to the platform, it can get confusing at times. There are more than 760 plus million active users on the platform, and you can connect with them today itself. LinkedIn can give you opportunities wherein, you can find yourself a good job and unveil opportunities galore. 

LinkedIn network – Know more 

Here, let us look at the following-

1. How to use LinkedIn for Networking

First, let us start by finding out how to network on LinkedIn? You need to do the following to get across your message to your new connection and bridge the gap in your networking efforts on this professional platform. 

  • Connection Requests

Sending a connection request is the obvious way to connect with your peers on LinkedIn. To connect, visit the person’s profile and click on Connect button. But to make it effective make sure you include a personalized note. 

  • LinkedIn Searches

If you are interested in connecting with people that belong to the desired domain, you can be specific in your LinkedIn search. For instance, if you want to connect with people that belong to digital marketing, are associated with a particular company, or offer specific services, you can narrow down your searches by using Advanced filters in LinkedIn searches or use Boolean operators like AND, NOT, and OR.

  • Focus on the Section “People you may know”

Visit My Network and scroll down to find out people you may know. In this section, you will know people that belong to your university, are in similar job roles like yours, belong to a mutual LinkedIn group, are working in the same industry, or have recommendations. This section will give you details on “quality over quantity“.

  • People Attending a Common LinkedIn event

You can connect with many people if you have attended the same LinkedIn event as others. They will all be present on the LinkedIn networks. 

  • LinkedIn Groups

This is a great way to look for people and connect with professionals you desire to. It will help you by letting you connect to your target audience where you can set up relationships if you have something in common.

2. Do s and Don’ts

Check out the Dos and Don’ts when you intend to connect on the LinkedIn network. 


  • Make sure you optimize your profile well. This includes the About, profile picture, banner photo, and so on.
  • Post LinkedIn content daily. It can be in the form of a post or an article.
  • Take out time to write personalized content for connections
  • Make sure that the content you are posting is engaging and appeals to each and everyone in the group.
  • Leverage different growth hacks and monitor outreach


  • Do not refrain from commenting or at least replying if someone posts a comment at the end of your article or post. Make sure you respond as well. 
  • Do not become stagnant. It is always better to post content regularly on the platform that will entice visitors. 
  • Not personalizing your leads. Try not to sound generalized when you approach your prospects or leads. Send a personalized message always. 
  • Do not refrain from using automation whenever possible. 

The above points are just a few of the same. As you get accustomed to the ways of working on this platform, you will find employing trial and error that what is working and what is not for you or your business.

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