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Using An SEO Tool Effectively- A Few Important Factors To Check

So, you have decided to get an SEO audit for your website. As a small and growing business, you have opted for white label SEO with a reputed outsourcing firm and are now waiting for the detailed report of the SEO performance of your site. 

Since you are using white label SEO, you may use a white label SEO audit tool for SEO audit purposes. On the other hand, such tools are also great if you get an automated SEO audit report without any manual interference. 

These tools come with a customized dashboard that offers detailed reports on your SEO strategies and metrics. Since these tools usually work in an automated way, you do not need any experts. Hence, you can also run tee tools on yourself. But, having an expert white label team helps you to get better insights into the report. 

Even though SEO differs in different sectors, a few metrics are always in common. Here are some factors that you need to check during the audit-

The Site and its Connection with Smartphones

At present, nearly 60 percent of internet users use their smartphones to use Google and other search engines. Google also launched its mobile-first indexing system recently. Hence, if you need to reach a wide range of audiences, you must make your website mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly site will perform better with respect to SEO and overall performance. 

URL Format and Indexing 

Besides that, check the indexing format of your website. It should have a uniform index format all over Google, and a website can have four to five different URL formats.

If you use each of them, your site will get four to five different identities, and each will be treated as a unique identity by the Google algorithm. It can decrease the position of your site in general. Hence, always use only one indexing format to ensure your site has a uniform SERP. 

Moreover, these extra pages often decrease your traffic. Hence, try to delete these faux pages to get a needed traffic boost for your website. 

Check the Speed of Your Website

The speed of a website is gradually becoming an important aspect. You can use any white label SEO audit tool to check the present speed of your site. You can also improve the site speed after the audit to get better results from SEO. 

While analyzing the speed of your website, consider the whole website. Often people only consider the homepage, and that does not do justice to the entire site. You need to check the speed of each section, including your service pages, landing pages, blog pages, etc. Performance of all these pages will help you to aim a rough idea about the overall page speed. You can also run a speed test if possible. If low speed is detected, you can opt for alternative hosting for a better speed rate. 

SERPWizz is a leading SEO white label service provider that offers SEO audits through the white label SEO audit tool.  You can connect to this organization for outsourcing SEO and audit reports. 


SEO audit tools are necessary to map website performance. You can check the above aspects to improve your site’s performance and get better SEO through further customization.

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