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4 Needful Things to be done to attain Biden’s Ambitious 2050 Solar Goal

The report that the Department of Energy has provided related to the future scenario of solar energy, although seems to be a sunny picture, will make it possible to generate the country’s half of the energy requirement by the sun. But to attain Biden’s climate change milestone, four major areas require attention and must be adjusted into. This is exactly what we will focus on in this write-up. So, read on for more information on how we can get green energy in the future. 

Latest News on Solar Energy and the Four Things to attain the Goal

According to the report, the following areas must be addressed to derive the maximum benefit from the solar power plans. 

  • Improved Photovoltaics 

The solar cells will require themselves to improve constantly, in terms of price and efficiency so that the required volume of installation can be achieved that is being anticipated by the Department of Energy. The year 2020 witnessed 15 gigawatts of solar installations, the most ever but this figure must be doubled considering the installation rate by the year 2025, and again double it by 2030. 

If the photovoltaics do not serve the purpose, it only means that the numbers have to be increased to attain the desired results. Also, if the prices continue to be as per today’s date, it is going to be too high to get the desired volume. 

However, it has been found that the efficiency is being achieved and the cost simultaneously is dropping already. Many companies and research professionals have invested millions in various manufacturing processes, efforts to bring about improvement, and new materials. 

As far as solar concentrators are concerned, they have been mentioned in the report and several firms are looking into various industrial processes that are to be replaced. 

  • More Storage of Energy

An unavoidable result of deriving energy from the sun is that for the night, then you will have to rely on energy that is stored in one form or the other, which was initially nuclear or from coal. But any form of energy will be able to offer excessive power that can be collected during the daytime. As more and more items of peak usage are being met by renewable sources, cities can afford to safely steer away from carbon-based energy avenues. Whenever we talk about storage, it is usually in the form of batteries. 

  • Reduced Soft Costs

If we plan to double and redouble the solar cell deployment rate, the cost will have to drop not just for the cells but for the assessment for the entire end-to-end process, accounting labor, and profit due to the companies that will carry out the actual work. 

Reducing the non-hardware cost is already in the pipeline for many startup companies. As of now, the cost of a solar roof is two times the cost of hardware. Right from funding to market regulations, there are several contributors to the same. It will require a combined effort of several commercial and organizational minds to give it shape. 

  • Several million Jobs

Having said all this, there must be someone who will do the work. This implies that a lot of labor is required amounting to more than double the current strength of the workforce employed in this sector already. The DOE report indicates that the solar industry is white and mainly male. And it is worth putting in a lot of hard work into the industry which will require hiring millions of workers that are ready to work with equal vigor. 

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