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World’s six most Instagrammed Stargazing Locations in 2021

One of the most magical ways to observe the beauty of the night sky is star gazing. Given the right weather conditions and equipment, one can view the celestial activity from anywhere. 

Check out these Stargazing Locations Perfect for your Instagram

Here are some of the most the celestial Instagrammed stargazing locations in the world 2021 list.

  • Sedona – United States 

The world’s most hashtagged location in Sedona with 274k Instagrammed hashtags. It has a massive 304,000 searches on the internet globally. Sedona is a desert town in Arizona known for its steep canyon walls, lush forests, and red rock formations. This makes it the perfect stargazing location for most of the time of the year. The best spots for stargazing are Jordan Trailhead Observing Area, Aerie Trailhead, Fay Canyon, Dry Creek Road, and Merry Go Round Rock. 

  • Kiruna- Sweden 

This is the second on the list of most hashtag locations with 220,000 hashtags. Kiruna is a remote town with clear and dark skies, making it a perfect view of the breathtaking Northern Lights and Aurora Borealis. The best time for stargazing in this location is between September to March. 

  • Pic du Midi, France 

This place is 2877 meters above sea level and offers a stunning view of the star-studded Milky Way arc above the Pyrenees Mountains. On the top of the mountain is the Pic du Midi Observatory. This famous observatory has the largest telescope through which one can explore the night sky. The Bernard Lyot telescope is 2 meters long and the largest telescope in operation since 1980. The ideal time to visit for a stargazing experience in this location is from May to October. 

  • La Fortuna- Costa Rica 

This place is a northern costa Rica town that has two natural volcanoes here and the La Fortuna Waterfall. The country’s dry weather, along with these natural wonders, makes it a tourist hotspot and an ideal place for astronomy buffs. The Magellanic Clouds Star cluster can be seen on clear nights. It consists of two dwarf galaxies. The best tie to visit this place for stargazing is from December to April. 

  • Kruger National Park – South Africa 

This place is famous for being home to elephants, rhinos, leopards, lions, and buffalos, and it is also a great place to view the celestial Southern Milky Way, Omega Centauri, Southern Pleiades, Eta Argus star system, and Coalsack Nebula. One can get to see the best of both worlds from May to September.

  • Mont – Megantic- Canada

This place is tucked into the cranny of the Appalachians and a fantastic location to explore outdoors. This location has something for everyone. From the adventurous cycling, hiking, snowshoeing and boating, to the laid-back wildlife observation and stargazing. Mont – Megantic is one of the best places to see the milky way because of zero light pollution. Apart from stargazing the neighborhood, a guided tour of Mont Mégantic Observatory is also for astronomer fans. One can plan a trip during the Astronomy festival, which allows one to explore night skies with the 1.6-meter telescope in Mont-Mégantic Observatory.


There are many more popular destinations for stargazing, and one can add them to the bucket list.

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