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5 Ways to Make Money with SEO in 2022

An important aspect of digital marketing is the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a skill that marketers learn to make money online. If one can scale up their SEO practice, then making a decent living from it is possible. However, the sky is the limit as earning potentials are unlimited. 

There are many ways to earn online, from creating an e-commerce website to becoming an influencer of products and services or starting a blog. The SEO software market is expected to grow by $740 million between 2020 and 2024, underling the high SEO demand in the future.

5 SEO Strategies to Make Money in 2022 

There are many ways one can earn through SEO. Here we will discuss five SEO strategies of 2021 that can guide one to make money in 2022.

1. Get a job in an SEO agency

Working in an SEO agency will enable a person to learn technical skills apart from understanding how the business works. One can become an SEO expert while developing the company, interacting with clients, learning from experts and peers.  This is the initial step where one can earn and learn to know the SEO 2021 trends before deciding to go solo later.

2. Selling products on an e-commerce website

One can set up their e-commerce website and start selling products. It is advisable to select a product and then decide on how to use the relevant and trending keywords for that product. Doing keyword research and competitor analysis will help get the right keyword that will determine the top position in google ranking and help generate more traffic and conversions. This is a good avenue for making money though one needs to be patient waiting for the business to scale up.

3. Start a blog 

One can start a blog and earn revenue from ads and affiliates. One can start earning when one has plenty of traffic. This takes time as the blogs need to get established. There are two ways to earn from one’s blog site. One is to have paid ads that allow one to get paid depending on the traffic the blog site has generated. The other is sponsored content, where the blogger talks about a brand or product, or service on their blog site. One needs to decide what would be the niche while starting a blog. It could be on lifestyle, fashion, food, finance, health, etc. Producing quality content can help to monetize blogs though SEO for entrepreneurs is time-consuming. 

4. Start SEO consulting services

 If one has enough knowledge of SEO, then start SEO consulting services to provide services to clients on how to increase traffic to their site and boost sales.

As an SEO consultant, one can provide insights to their clients on how to increase their organic traffic and improve their SEO ranking. Also, assist in using different SEO strategies and provide analytics reports on the SEO marketing campaign performance

5. Dropshipping on one’s website 

Suppose one has an e-commerce website that is doing well and customers want more product items. This may cause inventory management issues. Dropshipping will allow one to sell third-party products without worrying about fulfillment and shipment. This eliminates the risk of losing sales or the headache of manufacturing, inventory, or shipment. This model allows one to focus on sales and marketing only. 


SEO is a useful skill that one can learn and use profitably.

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