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The Dark Forest Theory – A Scary Explanation to Why You are Not an Alien Descendant

The Fermi Paradox has asked us time and again about where all the aliens have gone whereas they were supposed to be filling the cosmos. However, the dark forest theory says that we shouldn’t find them at all. 

The Dark Forest Theory Explained

The Milky Way galaxy has more than 200 billion stars and it is quite likely that there are 100 billion planets. And even at least a fraction of the planets had life on them and if even a fraction of those life forms became intelligent forms, our galaxy would be full of intelligent aliens that would be on the lookout for us human beings. 

The Drake Equation

The number of civilizations belonging to aliens that galaxies could hold is determined by the Drake equation. In this, the above factors are all considered as variables. When the variables are placed in the equation and formula, it is seen that there must be at least 20 civilizations in the cosmic neighborhood. This also implies that we must find life on any other planet or cosmos and one that can be as shocking as we can think about it. 

What is the Fermi Paradox?

The discord or the disagreement that exists between the number of civilizations that ought to be existing in space and the evidence that lacks for the same is referred to as Fermi Paradox. This theory has led to many theories and probable solutions spanning over the last few decades. 

Some of the solutions aim at the Drake equation and one of the components in it with the effort to make the supposed civilization numbers to be lower so that it is more reasonable to say that we have not met any aliens till now. 

Some theories also propose the development of intelligence is the main inhibition, while few others say that few civilizations as well might be lasting for a short time before they blow up, or perhaps they never will be able to invent the radio. 

The Dark Forest Theory is Darker than the Rest

The Dark Forest theory explains the reason why we have not seen or heard from aliens as yet citing a probable reason that they must be quiet. The science fiction novel known by the name The Dark Forest authored by Liu Cixin explains the reason why. The book has interesting theories one of which comprises how to interact with hostile aliens. The argument that has been put forth in the novel involves the following-

  1. All types of life have a desire to stay alive
  2. It is not known whether other types of lifeforms can or will destroy us if they are given a chance. 
  3. If a species does not get assurance, the safest way to survive is to destroy the other lifeforms before they get an opportunity to do so. 

Since other lifeforms are averse to risk and are ready to do anything to save themselves, any kind of contact can prove to be dangerous, as it almost assuredly means that would eventually lead to the race wiping out. Where is the dark forest? The novel says that the dark forest is in the universe. 

The Plausibility of the Theory

One of the advantages that this theory enjoys is that only one of the variables in the Drake equation is affected and this is perhaps the one that is subjected to speculation the most. It does not necessitate making assumptions that are broader about the behavior of the alien civilizations, a single race that is advanced enough. It also explains why human beings have not received radio signals as yet. 

One probable explanation is that it is quite likely that the other alien civilizations are extremely scared to be detected that they prefer not to send signals which would indicate their existence. 

The Dark forest – Why is it called Dark?

We have been sending signals to the cosmos for over a hundred years. Any alien that has been in a one-hundred-year radius must have received signals from us. If this solution is accurate, it is quite likely that the aliens are hiding for the fear of death. 

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