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How To Revamp And Renovate Your Hotel

The hospitality sector was hit hard by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. With everyone getting told to stay at home, the hope of hotels, bars, and restaurants opening again seemed a distant memory. Sadly, many hotels, bars, and restaurants didn’t survive the impact of the pandemic on their businesses. However, since the vaccine rollout and people adjusting to the new ‘normal’, the hospitality industry picked up where they left off. 

With a new surge of visitors wanting stays in hotels, prices have increased with demand. However, if the standard of your hotel doesn’t match the price – you may face some complaints. To avoid this, consider revamping or renovating your hotel. Giving your space a new lease of life will entice new customers and leave them wanting more. So, here are our top tips on how to revamp and renovate your hotel. 

A unique and memorable entrance 

Everybody knows – first impressions are everything. Well, the same goes for a hotel. Creating an entrance space that your guests get wowed by is essential for creating a lasting impression. Not only this, but your hotel entrance sets the tone for the rest of your space. Whether you carry a theme through into your bedrooms and restaurant or create a standalone feature space to grab your guest’s attention – revamping your entrance is sure to pack a punch. 

Revamp the furniture   

After hundreds of guests have used your hotel furniture, it could start to look worn. Outdated, worn, and overused furniture can put guests off staying at your hotel. When booking somewhere to stay, furniture quality is often something guests look for before booking. This is because they want an escape from reality and, new, luxurious furniture can do just that. If interior design isn’t your thing, hotel furniture suppliers do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is determine a theme, budget, and style and, away you go. 

Create distinctive rooms 

Beautifully decorated rooms can often act as a unique selling proposition for many, particularly boutique hotels. Rather than making your rooms a carbon copy of one another, why not add some different décor to grab your customers’ attention. 

If you have a brand color scheme – use it! Play around with tones, shades, and patterns to create a unique yet on-brand space. Soft furnishings will become your best friend as they are easy to acquire, and you can do so on a budget. Once you have your theme, add some extra features such as interesting lampshades, technology, or paintings to set the space apart.

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