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Canva Launches a Video Editing Suite with Customizable Templates


For people who don’t yet know what is Canva, Canva is an online visual communication software that was launched in 2013. It was a means to revolutionize designing so that design was something not just within the grasp of industry experts. With the invention of Canva, everyone could design. It features the most basic drag and drop interface which helped the user interact seamlessly. It also provided an entire array of templates to choose from which ranges from graphics to use on social media to presentations, video clips, illustrations, stock photographs, several kinds of fonts, audio notes, and lots of other things. Literally, anyone could come up with an idea and create something amazing in Canva. It is also available on all versions of iOS, Android, and web browsers.

Canva launches video editing suite with customizable templates and scene-based editing

Canva launches its new video editing suite in 2021. This move marks a major shift for Canva as it now went from just a designing interface to a place where users could effortlessly create, record, and edit their own videos. Statistics revealed that almost sixty-eight percent of the US workers in the digital marketing field or elsewhere mentioned that video had become the most important tool for marketing in a workspace. This is exactly where Canva’s new product launch comes into play. Canva’s video suite is a complete end-to-end encrypted video-making software that allows everyone to edit videos like a professional. Canva typically combines intuitive edits, allows a user to record and collab videos on its software. It allows its users to choose from multiple pre-made video templates and an even more extensive media library so that the user can just pick and choose according to his/her needs. The makers of Canva have made it a point that everyone could have access to every video editing tool under just one easy-to-use platform.

What the makers had to say about the launch:

The Head of Product department at Canva, Rob Kawalsky mentioned in the launch interview that Canva’s primary guiding principle has been to make the difficult things more simple and the launch of the Video Suite achieves just that. The Canva Video Suite allows its users to unleash the potential of video creation, whether it is applied to build social media engagement or experiment with their creativity or simply, market their entrepreneurial ventures. Rob Kawalsky categorically mentions the importance of videos in the workspace these days as well as its booming presence online. He says that the use of traditional tools used to edit and format videos have been either limited or very expensive or just complex to use. This is exactly why Canva planned to launch its new video suite. In the day and age of social media where almost every presence online creates some or the other form of audio-visual content, Canva has re-imagined the process of video creation to meet realistic consumer demands. 

What would Canva’s new video suite offer?

Canva has pledged to make video editing simple for all of its users and hence Canva launches a video editing suite with customizable templates. Hence its new video suite has templates that support all forms of video content available on social media starting from TikTok to Youtube shorts to Instagram reels or simply marketing and promotional videos. It has also incorporated some fun formats for celebrations like Halloween, Christmas, or New Year and special templates that come around with every update the app undergoes. A list of all the new features available on the video suite would be as follows:

  • Scene-Based Editor: 

Canva has simplified video editing by adopting a scene-based approach that is almost similar to building a PowerPoint presentation one by one using slides. It helps eliminate the learning curve.

  • Use of Single Layer Timeline on both Mobile and Desktop: 

Canva’s video suite allows the user to easily re-order, lengthen, or simply split videos following the timeline which in turn allows individual scenes to be turned into a story. It also provides the user with a number of cinematic transitions which then create a cohesive flow between segments. There is an optimization of editing for browsers and mobile apps, thereby getting rid of the need for hefty hardware.

  • A plethora of Audio Tracks to choose from: 

The video timeline on Canva provides the user a plethora of audio tracks to choose from, whether it has been uploaded to Canva or simply dragged from the user’s media library. The wide selection of tracks is used to enhance videos with sound effects, music, and narration. There is something extra for the premium members of Canva. Canva Pro subscribers have access to almost 27,000 tracks which are royalty-free and are made available through a partnership with Epidemic Sound. Reportedly there would be many more new tracks and sound effects which would launch by November and would be ready to use for the consumers by the same month. 

  • Camera and Screen Recording: 

Canva video suite now allows its users to record footage from a screen, a camera, or a Chrome browser tab. The screen recording option is therefore perfect for video tutorials or video messages. 

  • Various combinations of animation: 

Canva’s Video Suite allows its users to select from an updated and varied selection of animation effects so that they can transform vidual elements, text messages or captions, or complete pages using a few simple steps. Otherwise known as animation combinations’ it has been scheduled to be launched in the upcoming weeks. It will help users apply animation effects that aren’t simply random but context-driven instead. It would also allow the users to apply one or more effects to a single element on the screen at a time, or just multiple elements cohesively so that a perfect balance of animations can be achieved. 


The ever-increasing popularity of video and short-form content in every workplace makes Canva’s video suite the perfect tool for all commercial purposes or simply for workplaces to run their operations smoothly and efficiently. Coming from a software that has been known to simplify digital media and editing, Canva has subsequently made a name for itself over the years. Therefore, Canva can be completely trusted with its new launch, which shall not only provide a complete end-to-end video visual communications platform but also make video editing accessible to one and all.

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