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US Will Not have Coal by 2030, Predicts John Kerry in Glasgow

Bloomberg News reports that according to John Kerry, the special envoy of Unite States for climate predicts that the biggest economy in the world will have to stop burning coal when they reach the end of the decade. 

John Kerry said, “By 2030 in the United States, we won’t have coal”, Tuesday while giving an interview to the Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief, John Micklethwait at the COP26 Glasgow climate conference. He also said that “We will not have coal plants”. 

The United States he said will have to go a long way before it is coal-free. President Joe Biden’s efforts to make the country accustomed to fossil fuels by investing a $1.75 trillion bill has been opposed by Democrat Senator Joe Manchin who belongs to West Virginia.

The United States receives as much as 25% of the electricity requirement from fuel and many bigger power companies in the country do not intend to phase out the emissions from the use of fossil fuels at least until 2050. 

The move away from coal will be triggered in part by the market forces that have made renewables and natural gas cost-effective sources of power as compared to the dirtiest of fossil fuels. These so-called trends are getting immense support from Joe Biden’s plan that intends to eliminate the carbon emissions from the United States power grid by the year 2035, says Bloomberg News. 

Kerry also said that they will be carbon-free in the power segment by the year 2035, as per Bloomberg News. He also said that it is indicative of what they can do. 

The founder and majority stake owner of Bloomberg LP, Michael Bloomberg has committed $500 million to Beyond Carbon. It is a campaign that aims at shutting down the rest of the power plants that are coal-fired in the United States by 2030 and also stopping the development of plants that are natural gas-fired. 

He has also initiated a campaign to shut down a quarter of the remaining coal plants of the world and all the proposed coal plants by the year 2025.

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