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Uber Pilots new Features to Reserve Rides at Airports

It was just a year back that the world paused completely and for good. It was a never witnessed scenario how the flights, trains, and everything was completely un-functional. However, during Thanksgiving time the US witnessed a huge crowd at the airports and train stations. A huge number of people were traveling to and fro and this was when the services were resumed. But the infectious disease specialists and other related health super specialists warned the people not to travel if not urgent. Anyway, around 50 million people were seen traveling around November and this might be also the reason for the second wave as the experts say.

With the unpredictability that we were thrown at us with the pandemic arising back in 2020, almost everything was required to think outside the box to create a world that could operate completely digitally. No wonder a great part of the population also opted to unplug the digital life, however, all the companies had to change their way of operating. Work from home was implemented all across the globe almost overnight. Restaurants curated menus gradually that could be sold at supermarkets and could be reheated to consume and these are Michelin star chefs as well.

In other words, we can say that we have transformed ourselves into a completely different mode of the operating world in 2021. Uber introduces Uber Reserve, a step outside the box in a way that could change the ways of Airport traveling for all of us.

What’s in store?

With Uber Reserve, the booking can be made 30 days in advance and to ensure that your ride is reserved and you can just arrive at the airport knowing that your driver will be waiting for you. That is not the only perk that this new feature has to offer, if after your arrival you do not feel like hopping into the cab right after the driver can wait for you for up to an hour without starting to charge you. The perks do not stop here, if you coordinate and update your flight number and schedule with the app then the app will automatically capture the changed time of departure and arrival and adjust your booking accordingly, in case of any changes. You also get a curbside pickup so that you can simply hop into your ride just after your touchdown.

It comes with a new feature called the ‘Ready when you are’ feature. This feature allows you to request the ride once you land as well, according to your convenience. For example, you can request the ride to arrive in 20 minutes, 5 minutes, right away, or whenever you are ready. You do not need to hop into one as soon as you land if you are not in a hurry. You can simply ask for the ride to wait while you grab a bite or do some last-minute shopping for your dear ones.

The passengers with the Uber eats app can simply order from the app and skip the queue to pick up a bite from the airport eateries.

What type of rides do you get?

Currently, Uber Reserve is available in the form of Uber Black SUV and Uber Black only. However, there is always this opportunity to include more.

Do you know how they say necessity is why we come with new inventions? Yes, it is very much possible that we never return to the way of life of 2019 but there is always a scope for a better tomorrow and Uber’s constant improvement on its services is what is the kickoff that was required to change the traveling scene and make it hassle-free. The company has mentioned that after the rollout of its new features they have seen an increase in the number of bookings and the figure goes to 15%. Airports are indeed a very profitable field to take a booking from as any rides from the Airport are long travel ones and hence bring in more money. This not only gives the drivers working with Uber a better earning opportunity but with the booking feature the drivers get to plan their day as well. Uber Reserve is now functional in about 20 major airports across the United States.

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