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Healthy Breakfast – The most Important Meal of the day

It is often said that missing your breakfast is not a desirable thing to do. It is so important a meal that it kickstarts the process of metabolism, which in turn helps you to burn the necessary calories throughout the day. As such eating healthy foods for breakfast is crucial. 

A healthy breakfast will offer the much-needed energy that requires you to complete all your tasks, allows you to focus on things, and the benefits are more than just these. We will catch a glimpse of more of the same in the paragraphs that follow. 

What is a Healthy breakfast- Ideas for the best breakfast

If you are not very sure about what to have for breakfast, it becomes easier for you not to skip this important meal if you stick to the basics. So, what is meant by the basics of a healthy breakfast

  • Whole grains

Whole grain options include rolls made of whole grains, cereals, English muffins, waffles, and bagels all made of whole grains. 

  • Lean protein

Do not forget to include nuts, legumes, eggs, and lean meat. 

  • Low-fat dairy

Examples of this group of food comprise cottage cheese, low-fat cheese, natural cheese, yogurts that are made up of low sugar, milk, and plain yogurt. 

  • Fruits and vegetables

Go for fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits. Juice and drinks that are natural without any preservatives or added sugar helps. Also, smoothies work well for breakfast. 

The food ideas mentioned above provide proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber, and an adequate amount of essential nutrients. You can change the recipes from time to time so that a single dish does not become monotonous. 

What to eat for breakfast if you like dry cereals?

As an extension of what you must eat as the best breakfast, you might have a preference for dry cereals as well. The study suggests that if you consume cereal, your calorie intake will be lower at breakfast. It will also decrease your chances of being overweight. However, remember, not all cereals are ideal for everyone. Find out the ingredients in healthy meals for breakfast if you are considering dry cereals.

Before you choose a dry cereal, go through the nutrition facts and the ingredients. The servings will also differ from one another. For instance, while one type of cereal will require half a cup as one serving, some other cereal might be one cup of cereal as one serving. 

When you prefer to take cereals for breakfast, make sure you consider the following nutritious elements of the same.

  • Sugar – Look for cereals that are meant for adults. These have lower sugar content. Stay away from those cereals in which the ingredient contains sugar on the top of the list. Also, avoid cereals that have other forms of sugar like dextrose, honey, brown sugar, corn, syrup, and high fructose ingredients. 
  • Fiber- Buy cereals that have at least 3 grams of fiber in every serving. However, experts say that 5 grams are optimum for a single serving. 
  • Calories- Opt for cereals that have a lower calorie count. The ideal is lower than 160 calories per serving. 

Ideally, add some cut fruits and low-fat milk to the cereal serving. Alternatively, if it is not possible to always add the cut fruits, carry whole fruits with you, which you can take a bite into along with the cereal if you are on the move. 

Cereal bars for breakfast

If you are running short of time and it is easier for you to take a bite into a cereal bar, look for all the ingredients that you would have had while taking a bowl of dry cereal with added nutritious add-ons. Add yogurt into your breakfast regime even if you are banking upon the cereal bars. 

Quick and flexible healthy breakfast options cooked in a few minutes

These are the options for the people on the go. 

  • Whole wheat sandwich stuffed with lean meat, tomato, lettuce, low-fat cheese, sweet pepper, and cucumber.
  • Smoothies of plain yogurt, wheat germ, and fruits
  • Oatmeal cooked and with toppings of dry cranberries and almonds
  • Whole wheat pita with a stuffing of hard-boiled egg and spinach
  • Tortilla made of whole wheat with stuffed vegetables, cheese shredded, and salsa.
  • French toast with whole wheat bread, cinnamon, vanilla, egg whites, and eggs. 

Kickstart your day with a healthy breakfast that will let you take on a new day with challenges galore. 

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