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How to Resolve Conflict at Work– 5 Tips to Improve the Scenario

Conflict in the workplace is not unheard of. It can also take place at the personal level while you are home but when it is at the professional level and more importantly at your place of work, it is best not to harbor the grudge for long but try to understand the points of view of both the parties and then take measures to resolve the issue. Let us find out how to resolve conflict

How to deal with conflict at work – Check out the options

Find how do you handle conflict at work. These few ways will help you to address the problem better. 

  • Listen carefully

When you are trying to resolve a conflict, it is important to hear both sides without judging any side. If you are mediating, your purpose of listening to both sides is not to judge whose argument is better. Rather, you must listen to both views to find out the independent views so that it is easier to decide. 

You will listen to them without making any comments or interrupting the dialogue and irrespective of whether you are agreeing with one and not with the other. Once the listening has been done, it is now time to convey the judgment but at the same time offer valid reasons as to why one must change the way he or she thinks and why the other person’s argument makes sense. 

  • Approach the conflict considerately

During an ongoing conflict, it is natural for the emotions to be heightened at both ends. Instead of being violent or aggressive, you must make the team members understand that it is not always that your views will be the best or your reasoning will make sense always. 

Guide your team members to realize that others might be right as well and it all boils down to a common goal, and for a larger cause working for the same organization and to meet its vision and mission. 

  • Explain why you think the other person is not right

During a conflict, staying calm always helps. If you think that the other person is not being sensible, explain why you think so. Do not let emotions overpower. One of the best conflict resolution strategies in the workplace is to avoid confrontation or aggressive behavior and instead stay calm. 

To establish your argument or to convince the other person about why you think you are right, give facts and logical reasoning. 

  • Choose your carefully and wisely

It is quite likely that there might be heated arguments and rounds of the blame game. But whatever be the situation, it is important to always maintain respect for each other and select the right terms and words while establishing facts. This is because if you use a word once, you will not be able to undo it and if it was not the right phrase or term, you will likely be drowning in regret later when things cool down. So, whatever words you use must be wise and not hurt the other person. 

  • Read communication many times before you hit the “send” button

If it is not a verbal communication that you are in but an online platform or a messaging app, it becomes even more important to choose words diligently. This is because whatever you write will stay on. So, before you finally hit the “send” button, go through the writing a few times. 

It is best to try that you do not have to work out ways to understand how to resolve conflict at work instead never give rise to a situation where conflicts arise. However, this is easier said than done. And if at all such conditions arise, follow the 5 tips above to resolve the conflict. 

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