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Ecommerce Packaging Vs. Retail: A Different Standard?

In today’s fast-paced world, Ecommerce is a rapidly growing sector for consumers across the world. Businesses of every shape and size are forced to adopt innovative approaches and new strategies to offer a unique experience to their customers and meet their expectations of the eCommerce space when it comes to product packaging. Whether you are a newly-opened brand or an established brick-and-mortar retailer, the pressure is the same for everyone. 

To ensure a positive experience for their brand, businesses are rapidly implementing effective quality controls. The importance of unique e-commerce packaging solutions is now more visible than ever. When you look at the advantages, you will realize how even a small step in ensuring a positive experience for your brand, can elevate the presence of your business in the industry. 

What is Ecommerce Packaging and Why Is It Essential?

We are well aware of the fact that first impressions matter a lot, whether it’s a person or a product. While investing your money, you will want your product to be worthy of it. The packaging of your product will serve as the first physical interaction that your customers have with your brand. 

Ecommerce Packaging

And to make your customers happy you will have to deliver a satisfying unboxing experience with the help of innovative and quality packaging. This small yet significant step will not only help you set a good first impression of your brand but will also improve brand loyalty significantly, as they will most likely be promoted to come back for repeated purchases.

When it comes to retail businesses, their packaging needs and standards differ significantly from eCommerce businesses. The retail packaging is designed with the purpose to be cost-effective and space-efficient. Their main concern is to make their packaging look attractive or attention-grabbing. However, when it comes to eCommerce packaging they need to focus on the following to make their brand stand out:

  • Using environmental-friendly material
  • Simple and easy-to-open packaging of the products
  • Add enhanced security to their products to protect them during transport
  • Consistent Branding

4 Important Quality Controls for Ecommerce Packaging

Atlantic Ecommerce packaging is mostly focused on keeping the contents secure and for your products to arrive in perfect condition for the customers. This is why it becomes extremely important to ensure the  quality of packaging  and take necessary measures to employ quality control checks:

Quality Controls for Ecommerce Packaging

1. Carton Drop Test

The carton drop test is designed to simulate the rough handling of the products during transport. It is performed by holding the package or the carton at a specific height and dropping it several times from different angles. The main purpose of this test is to check how well the carton is able to protect the product placed inside. By this test, the e-commerce business ensures that the package will be able to reach the customer safely without breaking.

2. Clear Branding

Secondary packaging should not be underestimated as it also serves as an important part of the branding. You should make sure to make your logo and colors correct and the graphics on the packaging should be easily readable. This will help businesses create a good unboxing experience and will also improve the online sharing rate.

3. Verifying Appropriate Selling Methods

Ensuring the structural integrity of the business is very important when it comes to providing enhanced protection to your products. You should always check if the packaging has been sealed properly and do not neglect anything that could affect the protection of your product such as nylon band, staples, tape, glue, etc.

4. Check Your Sample

Your approved sample will serve as the standard for all the products being shopped and this is why it should never be neglected. The sample should be made of your desired material and should reflect all your requirements such as logo, size, printing, color, etc.

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