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Tips to Ace Your Amazon SOA-C02 & Become an Amazon Certified Solution Architect

Being a certified professional, in the Amazon world with the best professional skills, one can make his mark in his job occupation. Talking about the Amazon world, the certifications are best to keep your skills updated. A certification exam lets you survive in a new technical environment and enhance your understanding of the Amazon field. The certifications let you earn the best not only in your profession but also in your salary. Among various other certifications, the AWS certifications hold the best place in Amazon. Amazon has the capacity to certify you as an expert in developing the best problem-solving skills for Amazon. The fundamental certification tests the candidate’s professional and technical skills in the Amazon workload enterprise. Out of all the exam certifications by Amazon, the exam SOA-C02 is one of the basic certifications. The new AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification exam makes you apply networking skills in the domain. In this article, I have described the basic knowledge for the test Amazon SOA-C02 certification:

What are the details of the Amazon SOA-C02 certification?

Starting from the basic details about the exam let me tell you the name of the exam, which is Amazon AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate. The exam code is SOA-C02. In this proctored kind of exam, the candidates are provided with a time limit of 130 minutes only. The format of the questions is of three types one being the multiple answer questions, and the other being multiple responses based questions and the third type of questions include Practical ones tested in the AWS management console or AWS CLI. You need to get a 72% mark, which means you need to get 720 out of 1000. There also is no negative marking in this exam like its other exams. It is an interesting fact that the exam is available in English only. 

What are the essentials for Amazon SOA-C02 certification?

There are some general pre-requisites, which I would suggest you prepare before going to attempt this Amazon SOA-C02 certification:

  • Experience in AWS well-architected framework concepts
  • Experience in networking concepts for DNS, Firewall.
  • Familiarity with AWS global infrastructure
  • Familiarity with AWS performance services
  • Familiarity with AWS disaster recovery technology

Who should go for the Amazon SOA-C02 certification?

The best candidates for the Amazon SOA-C02 certification are the ones, who want to make their careers with expertise in the following fields:

  • AWS Network Administrator 
  • AWS Infrastructure Architects
  • Network developers
  • Solution developers 
  • AWS architect

After how much time does the Amazon SOA-C02 certification expire?

Furthermore, it is important to discuss that after how much time you need to renew this exam. Unlike other exams, the time limit is not any less. To re-sit in this exam, only you need is 2-years. You need to refresh this certification after two years.

Which skills are validated with Amazon SOA-C02 certification?

If you are not sure about the skills you can gain with this fundamental certification, then I have listed briefly the following skills which you can gain with the Amazon SOA-C02 certification:

  • Expertise in monitoring architecture concepts
  • Managing the AWS services continuity
  • Optimization in AWS Platform automation
  • Configuring workload lifecycles and content delivery
  • Expertise in AWS Enterprise Optimization

Which basic modules are to be prepared for Amazon SOA-C02 certification?

The official Amazon recommends the following important modules to be prepared for this Amazon SOA-C02 Exam Dumps:

  1. AWS monitoring for Amazon Clouds
  2. Designing Business continuity and reliability
  3. Configuring AWS security and compliance
  4. Troubleshooting AWS networking and content delivery
  5. Maintaining automation network issues
  6. Analyzing AWS performance optimization

What are the best tips to pass Amazon SOA-C02 certification?

Following are the best tips to pass Amazon SOA-C02 certification:

  1. A stunning study schedule can get you through the SOA-C02 test. You can moreover take rules from the electronic locales and online mentors open forbearing. The aides are the experts who can make you fathom the rudiments of this test. 
  2. After making an arrangement, the accompanying thing you need to do is acquire capability with the objectives and major modules of the Amazon SOA-C02 confirmation. 
  3. The next thing which you can do is that acquiring from the specialists by making on the web focus on social occasions and searching for the course from the inside and out guaranteed individuals. They can guide you in a clearly better way. 
  4. The fundamental free appearance meeting can be the best learning adventure with open web-based social affairs. There you are outfitted with the fundamental tips to have proceeded in the preparation. 
  5. You can get yourself evaluated through the electronic test dumps arranged by the specialists open in these regions. 
  6. Exam dumps for the Amazon SOA-C02 certificate drove me through my focal test and I went through basically all the preparation test dumps for Amazon SOA-C02 affirmation open on the get-together Valid4sure. 
  7. The arrangement for Amazon SOA-C02 confirmation for the fitting reaction requests in the preparation gatherings is various choice answer questions. Through practicing this arrangement, it helped me in my test. 
  8. The PDF materials, ETE records, and books related to Amazon SOA-C02 affirmation make your status the best. 
  9. There are incredible various specialists who plan the most fitting answer questions, accumulate the best materials for study, and plan the test dumps for you to get successful in your occupation. 


To conclude, Amazon has the ability to certify you as a master in fostering your best-making and critical-thinking abilities for Amazon AWS networking and performance optimization. The principal accreditation tests the competitor’s expert abilities in deployment, provisioning, and automation venture. The major abilities can be executed in a multi-cloud organization and framework stage. Out of all the test accreditations by Amazon, the test SOA-C02 certification is one of the fundamental certificates in the field of cloud framework which you can ace through with Valid4sure.com. So, what are you waiting for in your best future?

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