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How Can You Start A Car Without Battery? Easy & Quick Tips And Tricks To Make Your Life Easier

Nobody loves it when their vehicle won’t start while they’re in a rush to go someplace. Though there may be various reasons for your car not starting, it is due to a low battery charge in most cases. If you find yourself stuck with a dead battery and wondering, can you start a car without a battery? The answer is Yes, you can by following a few tips and tricks.

Suppose you bought a car for the very first time and got stuck in a similar situation. In that case, it might be a chance that you have purchased a second-hand car and haven’t checked your history before making full payment. Always remember when you buy any used car, always check for every single detail and history like finance check, stolen check, write-off check, and rego check. Remember that a vehicle history check is the most crucial factor to consider before buying any used car.

How can you start a car without a battery? This article will go through a few practical techniques for getting your vehicle back on the road.

Push start

This is the most common method. You need to push a vehicle with the help of a few people to move the automobile on the road. First, put the car in drive and attempt to roll it down the road at five mph. During this time, remove your foot off the brake, release the handbrake, and push the clutch to allow the vehicle to roll. Then, with the grip still down, turn the key in the ignition. If this doesn’t appear to work, eventually shift into second gear and press the accelerator while the key gets turned on. This technique will undoubtedly get your vehicle started!

Utilizing a solar energy

Last but not least, if you have a manual vehicle, you may attempt charging the dead battery using solar power. Put the solar panel on your car’s dashboard (in a way that it receives enough sunlight). Then, connect it to the car’s cigarette lighter. The procedure will charge the dead battery and provide a smooth start without the need for jumper wires. It should get noted that if the plug is left unattended for many hours, it may charge the vehicle battery.

Utilize jumper cables

Everyone should have a set of jumper wires in their vehicle. If you don’t have any, you may try borrowing some from a neighbor. You’ll also need to find someone to assist you in jumping the dead battery. Remember to connect the positive and negative wires to the correct areas of the battery. Before attempting to start the dead engine, the operating engine should get revved up a little.

Consult a Specialist

When everything else fails, you may contact a specialist to assist you in reviving your dead battery. Car jumping is available via a variety of roadside help services. What seems to be a dead vehicle battery is sometimes caused by something more severe. In these cases, you may require to contact a tow truck firm to bring your vehicle home (if it isn’t already) or to your preferred repair. 

The Bottom Line

It’s inconvenient when your vehicle won’t start. Fortunately, these four dead vehicle battery techniques may get you back on the road quickly. Drive carefully and get your battery examined at a nearby service facility.

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