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Elementor: The Most Reputable Free Website Builder on WordPress

More than 40% of all websites on the Internet use WordPress as their content management system, and with good reason.

WordPress combines a healthy marketplace of plugins and themes with an intuitive user interface and open-source architecture. The result is a comprehensive system for creating amazing websites.

Many of the platform’s most valuable features require coding knowledge, however. If you’re not a technical user, some of these things may be outside your reach.

Elementor solves that problem. It gives non-technical website owners the ability to create dynamic, high-quality web experiences without writing a single line of code.

And there’s more. Like the WordPress platform itself, Elementor is 100% free.

Elementor: The Ultimate Design and Marketing Tool  

Elementor Design and Marketing

Elementor is the most robust drag-and-drop website builder on WordPress. It provides web creators with the tools they need to design beautiful and functional WordPress websites easily.

You can use Elementor to create any kind of website, from the simplest one-pager to a fully-featured e-commerce marketplace – more on that below.

Traditionally, you need professional experience coding in HTML and CSS to make these kinds of websites. Elementor gives you the ability to create web pages on the fly and track your progress while you work.

And that’s not all. In fact, we’ve only just started to scratch the surface.

Elementor users have access to dozens of tools and useful widgets that provide sought-after functionalities. These are your ticket to ambitious web design concepts – create slides, design forms, and create stunning popups without having to write the code yourself. 

Core Features

The Simple and Powerful Drag-and-Drop Editor

Your website can only be as advanced as its editor. This is where you’ll do the work of adding, configuring, and arranging page elements like images, text, and video. Elementor uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that streamlines the process of creating web content for non-technical users.

This is what it looks like in action:

Elementor drag-and-drop editor

You can see the widget panel on the left. Elementor offers almost 100 dynamic widgets, along with scores of templates and other tools you can use to create a unique and stunningly visual website from scratch.

Upgraded Business and Marketing Tools

Elementor business and marketing tools

Elementor does more than build great websites. It also enables state-of-the-art marketing functionalities using a variety of valuable business tools.

You can use Elementor to build, publish, and manage a broad range of marketing tools and website elements like landing pages, popups, and interactive forms. You can do all these things directly from Elementor – no third-party plugins or complex tech stacks are required.

Elementor users have powerful marketing, business, and lead capture features at their disposal. Some of the most valuable of these include:

  • Yoast Integration. Maximize your SEO rankings with Yoast. Optimize your website from the ground up using a native version of the popular WordPress plugin.
  • Fully Customized Forms and Popups. Deploy smart popups and interactive forms that increase engagement and get website visitors excited about the products, services, and information you have to offer.
  • Advanced Triggers. Make your website respond to visitor actions in real-time. Target visitors at the right moment and increase conversions.

Optimized Workflow Settings

When you’re building your own website, you often have to create and manage every web page’s design system individually. This is a tedious, time-consuming task that Elementor all but eliminates.

Elementor Pro users have access to Global Settings that apply across the entire website. This drastically reduces the amount of time you spend configuring individual pages.

Every time you create a new web page, its default configuration will reflect whatever you choose in Global Settings. When you modify Global Settings, those changes will instantly reflect across every page on your entire website.

You can also select individual pages and keep them separate from your Global Settings configuration. Elementor’s Pro features are entirely customizable.

Kits Library

Elementor Kits Library

Themes and templates are the primary building blocks of WordPress website functionality. Although they are customizable, configuring them successfully can be a complicated and time-consuming process. If you need a fully functional website made quickly, you can’t do it without expert help from a professional web developer.

Unless you use Elementor’s Full Site Kits, that is.

Elementor contains a Kit Library that contains everything you need to get your website up and running. These kits contain all the features and functionalities you need in a single, streamlined package. All you have to do is import them and you’re done!

Elementor Kits eliminate the need to work on individual page attributes. There is no need to configure headers, footers, and color palettes for every page on your site. Simply select a kit, customize it, and hit publish 

But there’s more to kits than just that. Every kit can be stored, copied, and reused as an individual element.

That means you can share your website configuration settings, content, templates, color scheme, unique error pages, and even fonts instantly across multiple websites. Everything that makes your site unique is right there in the kit.


Elementor E-commerce

Elementor is an excellent choice for web creators that need a functional, comprehensive e-commerce solution. Elementor is designed to integrate perfectly with WooCommerce, one of the most popular e-commerce solutions on WordPress.

With Elementor as your e-commerce website builder, you can:

  • Build a store home page, product catalog, and an unlimited number of individual product pages without learning how to code.
  • Present website visitors with accurate, compelling product information, including customer reviews and upselling content.
  • Optimize the shopping cart experience with custom buttons and banners, reducing cart abandonment and increasing revenue.

Elementor Packages

Elementor users can choose from multiple plans. Users can select a free plan or choose from between four different paid subscription packages.

Elementor’s comprehensive free plan gives users access to its drag-and-drop editor, a wide selection of professional widgets, and five fully-featured Kits. This is an ideal starting point for web creators who need basic website and landing page functionality.

But if you want to create a sophisticated web experience with advanced features and e-commerce functionality, you will need to use Elementor’s state-of-the-art Full Site Kits which require an Elementor Pro subscription.

Elementor Pro gives you access to a wide variety of valuable features:

⦁    Elementor’s Theme Builder

⦁    Hello Theme: The Fastest on WordPress

⦁    300+ Unique Pro Templates 

⦁    Unique Custom Fonts and Adobe TypeKit

⦁    All WooCommerce templates and widgets

⦁    Elementor’s Professional Form Builder

⦁    Integration Capabilities for HubSpot, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ReCAPTCHA, Slack, and more.

⦁    65 Professionally Designed Kits

Elementor packages

Choose from Four Subscription Packages

Elementor pricing changes based on the number of websites you build. 

⦁    Essential: US$49 per year – one professional website 

⦁    Expert: US$199 per year – 25 professional websites 

⦁    Studio: US$499 per year – 100 professional websites 

⦁    Agency: US$999 per year – 1000 professional websites

Get Started With Elementor

There are plenty of WordPress website builders on the market, but very few are capable of producing world-class websites with professional features and full customization at scale.

Elementor is an outstanding solution in the world of WordPress website builders. It gives web designers and creators the ability to bring their vision to life without compromises.

Start using Elementor now and join a thriving community of more than 8 million web professionals using this state-of-the-art website builder to attract website visitors, convert customers, and build profitable businesses online. Install the free version directly from WordPress.org today.

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