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Best Apps to Watch Cricket Matches

Cricket is one of the most-watched sports in the world, particularly in countries such as India and Pakistan where there is a huge amount of interest in the game. Following the sport, today has never been easier as there are lots of different types of apps that allow you to watch the action from your smartphone or tablet.

Here is a look at some of those apps and how they have transformed the way cricket has become even more accessible.

Broadcasters’ Apps

Broadcasters around the world pay a lot of money to have exclusive rights to major cricket tournaments such as the World Cup and Ashes. In the UK, the likes of Sky and BT Sport often face off in a bidding war to win the rights to these events.

These broadcasters are now fully aware that their subscribers no longer only consume their channels from their living room, so they have all turned to the best tech companies to produce excellent apps which allow their customers to watch their channels when they are on the move.

The number of cricket matches and new domestic competitions taking place around the world is growing all the time. Cricket lovers, therefore, are now able to watch games while they are commuting, at a friend’s house, or as they enjoy other leisure activities. The quality of these apps ensures there is no interruption to their picture (as long as they are connected to a network or wifi). 

Youtube has also recently got involved in live sports broadcasting. Many County Cricket Clubs in England stream their games on their channel with the video platform. These are done with a small budget so often there is only one camera, however, fans of those teams really appreciate the access it gives them to matches.

Amazon Prime may be the next streaming service to get involved in cricket. They currently have a lot of rights in tennis on the ATP and WTA Tour. The subscription service has also shown live Premier League football matches. It would be no surprise to see them bid for something in cricket in the near future.

There are plenty of apps and websites which don’t have the rights to stream matches but offer the next best thing in the form of a live stats page. In cricket, every ball can have a big impact on the game, so those following the action need information quickly and this can help complement the viewing experience. EspnCricinfo is one example of a live match page. They provide full details of the two batsmen at the crease, how many runs they have scored, their number of boundaries, and the number of balls they have faced.

Betting Apps

Many leading bookmakers now offer to stream a cricket match on their app. It is worth checking the conditions as you may be required to place a bet on the game in order to qualify to watch the action, whereas, some sites only require an account with them to watch streams. Most major cricket betting sites have the rights for a number of the major domestic leagues around the world such as the IPL and Big Bash, as well as apps to provide a convenient experience for consumers. This means you don’t need to have a subscription to a broadcaster to watch these matches. They will also have the rights to some matches which have not been picked up by a broadcaster in your country.

Bet365 is considered to be one of the best bookmakers to stream cricket matches and their app can be downloaded on Android and iOS. They are renowned for the number of markets and live streams they have available to their customers. To complement the viewing experience major bookmakers such as Betway, 888sport, and Sportsbet.io offer live betting on their apps.

Enjoy the next cricket match you watch and take advantage of all the great apps available to you today to make following the sport easier.

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