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A Guide to Starting a Business in Retirement

Although you might be thinking of winding down by the time you reach your 60s and beyond, many people see retirement as the perfect time to start up a business. Not only may they finally have the time and energy to do this, but they might also want to complete a final dream before they finish working for good. You might also have more money to invest in a business later in life. Then, if you want to start up your dream business in retirement, here is a quick guide that can tell you how to go about it. 

Sort Out Your Finances

Before you look to set up a business in your senior years, the first step that you should take is to sort out all of your finances and check that you have the financial health that you need to invest in the venture that you have thought up. You also need to look to your financial future and check that you will have enough money to keep it going if a disaster occurs or as you start to age and your pension begins to diminish. Additionally, you should look at the funding options that are available to you to top up your savings. For instance, if you are looking at starting a holiday let company, you need to consider finding a holiday let mortgage

Consider Your Age

Although age is just a number, as you get older, you may be less mobile and energetic than you used to be and may not want to commit yourself to hours of work a day. Then, you should choose a business venture that suits your lifestyle and your needs and priorities as you age. For instance, many people look for ventures which allow them to spend ample time with their families as well. Some of the best options for those looking at retiring include holiday lets, house sitting, or writing. These allow you to enjoy a more laidback approach to business while still reaping the rewards and giving you something to get your teeth into as you retire. 

Make a Plan for the Future

You might not like to think about the inevitable when you are only just starting your business up. However, there will come a point when you will have to stop work, whether this is due to a health issue or your death. Therefore, you must have a succession plan in place to ensure that the legacy of your business continues past your ability to run it. For instance, you might leave it to a relative or speak to an employee about taking it over once you are gone. This will then ensure that you can relax in the knowledge that all of the time and energy that you have put into the business will not be wasted in the end. 


Sometimes, it can be difficult to juggle the different aspects of running a business as a senior. This should not put you off running a business, though. Instead, you should simply look to outsource some of the tasks that you feel less comfortable with, whether this is administration or IT. By outsourcing the elements of your company that you do not want to handle, you will be able to ensure that every department of your business is handled by an expert and that every aspect of your business can be of high quality. 

Get Support

If you are worried about the giant change that running a business will make to your life, you should consider getting support. Support can come from friends and relatives or from employees to whom you will be able to delegate certain tasks. As well as this, you might also consider getting a business partner or a protegee, particularly someone younger, who may have more knowledge of recent trends or the modern ways of doing business, and to whom you may be able to pass on your skills. You should also look for any financial support that you might be able to apply for in the form of grants and business loans from larger companies or the government. 

Get Going

However, the best step that you can take when starting a business in retirement is to get going. When you are already in retirement, you do not want to spend years bringing your business to fruition. Then, by growing your company as quickly as possible and by pushing yourself to achieve your aims by setting certain goals, you will ensure that you can reap the rewards of your business within your lifetime.

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