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How to Upgrade to Windows 11 Without Waiting in Line

It has been quite some time since the last Windows upgrade took place. The windows 11 update comes after five years since Windows 10 in 2015. Windows 11 is one of the most critical updates by Microsoft ever, with plenty of new features. This is good news for PC users, but they have to follow some steps to get the latest version on their machine. 

The operating system comes with a new Start menu. The design of the taskbar has become better, and the icons on it make it easier to connect with others. The fluid animation brings freshness to one PC and the layout makes multitasking easier. Among the latest features is the ability of this software to support android apps, not to mention the third-party apps which have been allowed to use this platform.

While Microsoft is automatically offering Windows 11 to its Windows 10 users globally, only those machines with new CPUs and specific configurations will support the latest version. This will rule out millions of outdated PC having windows 10 now. 

Waiting in The Queue

Microsoft is expected to upgrade to Windows 11 to all the eligible PCs by mid-2022. What happens if the windows 11 update is unavailable to you or you are waiting in the queue to get an invite from Microsoft. 

There is another way to skip waiting in the queue. With a bit of effort, one can download and install Windows 11 immediately. While you may not be invited for an automatic upgrade because of your old PC, Microsoft has clarified that one can still download and access the new OS. For this, one needs to download windows 11 installation Assistant software on their PC. In this case, installing an OS manually means that users will not get automatic updates on their PC. Every time, they have to install a new ISO file instead. 

The Alternative Method 

So, if the new update rollout invitation has not come to you as yet, don’t be disheartened and assume that your PC does not qualify. You may be waiting for your turn, which may take time. The best way to get sure is to download the Microsoft PC Health App, which will tell if your PC qualifies or not. If it does, then it means you have to wait for your turn.

If you want to install it now without waiting, then this is how you do it.

  • Access the software download page of Windows 11
  • Another way is to download the Windows 11 installation assistant and click “download now“ and wait for instructions and follow it. 
  • One can also select the “Create windows 11 installation Media” and create a bootable DVD or USB.
  • Lastly, download the Windows 11 iso (disk image) for a virtual machine or bootable media installation. 

Following the directions makes it easy to install Microsoft Windows 11 immediately.  


If you are not impatient, Microsoft will push the Windows 11 software to your machine during the next few months. If you are a technofreak and cant wait to lay your hand on the new software, then the manual installation is the only alternative.

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