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How to Scan Your Windows PC for malware?

Despite our best efforts to protect our computers from viruses and malware, we still end up having them infecting the system. The result is compromised data security and sensitive information, not to mention slowing down of many functions of the computer. 

With cyber-attacks increasing manifold over the last few years and hackers and malicious attackers planting malware in the system through virus-linked emails or using phishing techniques to access passwords from genuine-looking mail ids or websites, it is essential to take a few proactive measures to protect one’s system. 

Scan windows for virus 

One can ensure to have their laptop safe by scanning with Window Defender. The steps are easy.  

  • In the windows settings option, click the Update and Security, then click on the windows defender’s option.
  • In the defender dialog box, click open the Windows Defender Security Centre. Then click on the button for Virus and threat protection.
  • Click the Quick Scan button. One can do a virus scan for an entire computer, and reports of any virus infection are shared.

The most widely used PC operating system is Windows. Its latest Windows 11 version is accompanied by improved security features that are inbuilt in the software. The windows security option can be activated for a free Microsoft virus scan of the PC or laptop and check for any infection.  

Windows security is inbuilt in either windows 10 or windows 11. It includes an antivirus program known as the Microsoft Defender Antivirus. If one has another antivirus app installed on the system, then the system will automatically turn off Microsoft Defender Antivirus. 

The Windows tools have the Microsoft Safety scanners, a free security tool that caters to scanning on demand. This is quite helpful as it removes any malware, virus, spyware, or any malicious software that could have disabled the anti-malware software in Windows or prevented any installation or downloading of software updates.   

Microsoft released the Microsoft Security Essentials last year. This free and fast anti-malware software gives Realtime pc virus protection against spyware, virus, malware, worms, and more. They offer protection quietly without interfering with one’s daily tasks on the system. 

How to scan a link for a virus?

Many people ask this common question on how to know which link is dangerous and how to scan them for viruses? 

One can do a virus scan of a link by doing google safe browsing by typing the URL http://google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=followed by the site to be checked.

If there were malware that was hosted in the last 90 days, it would show. One can always avoid clicking suspicious mail or links from undisclosed locations. 

Final takeaway 

While windows security does an excellent job in ensuring safeguards for the computer from malware and viruses, many people use chrome. They may be left out from complete web protection from malicious websites. 

Scanning once in a while will help detect any virus or malware hidden in the system, but they will not protect you from scam ads in web browsers or email phishing scams.

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