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Dell Research Report

About the Company

Dell is a multinational firm for computer technology that supports, repairs, sells, and develops computers and the services and products related to them. Dell Technologies is the parent company of Dell. It has its headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, and was founded by Michael Dell in 1984. It is one of the largest technology firms worldwide. It sells electronics, printers, cameras, HDTC’s, computer peripherals, software, network switches, data storage devices, servers, and personal computers that are manufactured by others. Dell is known for its innovations in electronic commerce and supply chain management, especially “configure to order” or “built-to-order” and direct-sales model approach for manufacturing and delivering PC’s that has specific configuration according to the client’s needs. Before 2009, the firm just us to deal with hardware but after acquiring Perot Systems in 2009, it entered the IT Service market as well.

 In 2014, it was ranked 51 in the Fortune 500 list but today Dell stands in the 34th position. After Lenovo and HP Inc, it is Dell, which is regarded as the largest vendor for personal computers by unit sales. The firm is also the largest shippers globally for PC Monitors. On considering the total revenue, Dell is the 6th largest firm in Texas.

Up until 30 October 2013, Dell was publicly traded as NASDAQ: DELL and was a component of S&P 500 and NASDAQ-100 but it went private after the buyout.

As of 2020, Dell had 165000 employees worldwide.

The workforce of Dell is diverse and has perspectives that are unique. They unite in their culture, their strategy as well as the firm’s purpose.

Key Management People of Dell

  • Michael Dell: CEO and Chairman 
  • Jeff Clarke: Co-Chief Operating Officer and Vice-Chairman
  • Chuck Whitten: Co-Chief Operating Officer
  • Wendy Thomas: President and Chief Executive Officer, Secureworks
  • Rich Rothberg: General Counsel
  • Raghu Raghuram: Chief Executive Officer, VMware
  • Howard Elias: President, Services and Digital
  • Allison Dew: Chief Marketing Officer
  • Tom Sweet: Chief Financial Officer
  • Bill Scannell: President, Global Sales & Customer Operations
  • Jennifer Saavedra: Chief Human Resources Officer

Locations of Dell Facilities

The headquarter of Dell is situated in Round Road in Texas and has a space of 2,100,000 square feet. 

 In the United States, the Dell facilities are located in Miami, Florida; Lincoln, Nebraska; Bowling Green, Kentucky; Eden Prairie, Minnesota (Dell Compellent); Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Hillsboro, Oregon; Peoria, Illinois; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Nashville, Tennessee; Nashua, New Hampshire; and Austin, Texas.

Internationally, the facilities are located in Casablanca, Monetepiller, and Morrocco(France); Limerick and Dublin(Ireland); Panama City (Panama); Lodz(Poland); Bratislava(Slovakia); Porto Alegre and Hortolandia(Brazil); Noida, Hyderabad, and Chennai (India); Manilla(Philippines); Bracknell (United Kingdom); Xiamen (China) and Penang (Malaysia).

The business functions of Dell like customer care, analysis, finance, manufacturing, and research and development are only in India and the USA, and they provide support worldwide.

 Earlier Dell use to manufacture in Austin, Lebanon, and  Winston-Salem. But currently, it has transferred it to manufacturing contractors in Asia and Mexico and also produces in some of its own international factories. The Alienware subsidiary facility in Miami, Florida is still operating and dell produces its servers in Austin, Texas. 

Power Edge, Notebook, and PC server manufacturing is done in Hortolandia, Brazil, from 2007 for the South American Market.     

Acquisitions Made by Dell

In 2006, Dell acquired Alienware, a firm that manufactured PC for gamers. EqualLogic was acquired on 28 January 2008. In 2009, it bought Perot Systems. KACE Networks and Boomi were attained in 2010, Force10 networks, and Compellent in 2011. In 2012, Dell acquired many companies including Credant Technologies, Gale Technologies, Quest Software, Clerity solutions, Wyse, SonicWall, and AppAssure Software. On March 24, 2014, it acquired Statsoft, which was an analytics software provider.

Dell Scope and Brand

The corporate or business class of Dell represents a brand where the firm advertising emphasizes serviceability, reliability, and long Life-cycles. Such brands include:

  • Dell EMR (electronic medical records)
  • EqualLogic (enterprise-class iSCSI SANs)
  • Dell Compellent (storage area networks)
  • PowerConnect (network switches)
  • Force10 (network switches)
  • PowerVault (network-attached and power-attached storage)
  • PowerEdge (business servers)
  • Precision (workstation systems and high-performance “Mobile Workstation” notebooks)
  • Latitude (business-focused notebooks)
  • n Series (notebook and desktop computers FreeDOS installed or shipped with Linux)
  • Vostro (small business/offices notebook systems and desktop)
  • Dimension (home desktop computer systems)
  • OptiPlex (office desktop computer systems)

The Consumer/Home office Classic of Dell emphasizes expandability, performance, and value and includes brands such as:

  • Venue (Tablets windows/Android)
  • Alienware (gaming systems of high-performance)
  • G Series (medium/high-performance gaming laptops)
  • XPS (high-end notebook and desktop computers)
  • Inspiron (notebook computers and budget desktop)

The peripheral class of Dell includes printers, LCD Televisions, and USB Key drivers; Dell Monitors include plasma Tv, LCD TVs, and projectors for monitors and HDTV. Dell UltaSharp is a high-end brand that is for monitors. The support and service brand of the firm includes Your Tech Team; Dell Everdream Desktop Management; Dell Business Support; Dell Support Center and Dell Solution Station.

Financials of Dell

Dell Finances

Latest news

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