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Personality Traits Needed to Start a Business

There isn’t a decided recipe for success. An entrepreneur as per the dictionary is someone who risks financial security hoping for results in profit. However, there are always equal, if not more, chances of failure. True, that there isn’t a recipe but there are certain traits that have been noticed in several successful people and they are as below: 

  • High level of Confidence, Motivation, and Results-Driven Attitude:

The first and most important trait to achieve something is believing in yourself that you can achieve that. Your product might be something new that the world is yet to be accustomed to and hence it might take time for the recognition to arrive. All you need to do is believe in your product and yourself. You might see a slow month or year but you need to think unconventionally and keep it going. You do not need to listen to long ted talks to keep you motivated, you just need to remember why you started and where you want to land.

  • Flexibility and Networking:

As a newbie, you must understand the power of networking in the entrepreneurial world. Here everything is an opportunity and a new window to another opportunity. Listen to the ideas when being presented, be present at the moment, and never forget to be open-minded. Be a people person, people will help you bring in new perspectives and will help you put on the map.

  • Managing Finances:

    Keep a track of all your finances from day one. Now, you may be good with ideas but are terrible with numbers. And that will never be an issue if you hire someone good with numbers. Do not risk with the numbers. Get it done and do it right from day one.

  • Risk-Takers:

    Maybe you already have quit your job to venture your dream and you consider this the greatest risk. Well, true quitting your comfort zone is the biggest risk. Especially when the comfort zone came with medical benefits and a fixed salary. The risk however does not stop here. In fact, it begins here, you need to take calculated risks from her to ensure that there aren’t any shortcomings. But do not hesitate to take risks, examples show that the greatest success stories happened after a big risk. In other words, when you are confused between two roads, do not hesitate to choose the one less traveled.

  • With a Vision and Goal-Oriented:

    You must have started your company with a vision and you should never let this leave your focus. However, break down your goals into smaller ones and then celebrate each success with equal enthusiasm, and then set new ones. This way you will not feel the goals to be a far-off dream.

  • Give Credits:

    You are not the only one in the company who has been burning the midnight oil and the sooner you realize this the better it is for the company. Just like a car is balanced all on its four wheels, similarly, a company runs on all its employees. The manager is as important as the accountant or as the customer sales representative. Appreciate the work, honor the effort and recognize the potential of your employees. Their work efficiency increases when they are valued.

  • Work Ethic:

    You are the boss of all but that does not mean that you will sit back while the others are working. Set examples. Create a work environment that awakens their will to get the work done because they want the company to be on the map as well. Make sure your aura is strong enough for this to happen. Be the boss that sets an example not just order around. Arrive at work on time if not early.

There is no perfect personality when it comes to work, but the above are some of the traits that have been observed among successful people and their success stories. Psychologists believe that there are five major personality types when it comes to analyzing traits and they are referred to as ‘Big 5’. Namely, they are the extraversion or outgoing trait, openness trait, agreeableness or compassionate trait, neuroticism or sensitive trait, and conscientiousness or efficient trait. To start with, the openness or inventive trait features individualities such as imagination and perception. People with this trait are eager about the world and other people and are open to new experiences. The next type is extraversion and people with this trait are emotional, social, excited, assertive, and expressive. People with this trait feel good around people as they are at their best when in social situations.

People with agreeableness traits are more cooperative and trustworthy. Whereas, people with neuroticism traits are emotionally vulnerable, moody, mostly sad, and unstable with their emotional state. These individuals experience high mood swings, irritability, and sadness. People with conscientiousness traits are mindful and organized and are the business personality types. They like to plan ahead. They are thoughtful and have good control over their impulses.

People with conscientiousness traits are considered business personalities. A person with a businessman personality would be one who will plan ahead and create a map to reach the goal. It however does not stop there, a map will only take you to the destination if you are organized enough to follow all the instructions and adhere to the time allotted. You can certainly follow the map but if you do not reach the station on time, the train will most certainly leave without you. One needs to be thoughtful, active, and completely present in the scenario to be taking any major calls in the business

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