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Microsoft’s Windows store is now open to third-party app stores

The Microsoft Windows 11 launch early this month is more than a mere Windows 10 update. The Microsoft news that made headlines was that the company had decided to make a fundamental shift from the way Windows always functioned. Apart from the neat aesthetics which brand is aiming for, the welcoming of third-party apps on its platform is path-breaking.

The new looks of Windows 11 see a redesigned Start Menu and centered taskbar, among many other changes. Despite the changes, Microsoft Windows still works the way it always worked. It will continue to focus on productivity and better user experience with new options for diehard PC fans and mainstream app users. 

The redesigned windows app store is a part of the Microsoft new Store Policy that allows third-party apps of popular storefronts. Amazon Appstore was the first on the new Windows 11 portal, with the Epic Games store expected to join in the coming few months. Microsoft has made it clear that it will not ask third-party stores to share their revenue. 

Competing with rivals 

Microsoft’s new and liberal policy takes on rival browsers are paying dividends. Browsers like Yandex and Opera are now coming on the Microsoft store to give users an alternative to the Web browser Edge. 

For users, the first impulse is always to download Google Chrome or Firefox, and the new additions to the platform will not be of much help. The surprising thing is that Microsoft is open to competition in its store, which is an out the box move. 

It is not surprising to see Epic games coming on the platform shortly, given its well-known opposition to the App store policies adopted by rival giant Apple Inc. Epic is determined to make available its app store wherever possible, and no wonder Microsoft is taking advantage of the situation. 

There is no Microsoft news whether Steam, GOG, or other well-known apps and game stores will join the Microsoft platform. The new openness of the Windows 11 app store policy will offer users a more open alternative to Mac App Store offered by Apple. 

Even though the Apple app stores users do not have any trouble accessing Epic or other app stores, the openness of Microsoft will ultimately score over the restrictions place by Apple.

How does the new Windows Appstore work? 

The new integration of Amazon apps with windows 11 will allow users to search their directory Sarod from the Windows stores. This was unthinkable before. Microsoft also plans to bring Android apps to the new Windows 11 platform as a part of its deal with Intel and Amazon.

The third part store apps will have details of the products listed on the product page. Users can search or browse them. Once found, it can be easily installed, just like other in-house Microsoft apps. 

The new Microsoft policy allows apps stores to retain 100 percent profits. Only Games is exempted from this new policy. Video game developers will have to pay 12 percent app tax when selling their products from the Microsoft App Store. 

Final takeaway 

This is just the beginning. Microsoft expects more stores to join them in the coming months. This can also include Steam, a popular video game as indications were made in June by the Panes Panay, the head of Microsoft Windows and Devices. 

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