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The Future of Women at Work and Living a Passionate Life

As automation displaces the long-established job roles, women at work face new challenges. Millions of women‘s futures could be affected as a result of job loss. The technology adoption and will require many women to improvise on their skill sets. Women will be required to transition to higher-skilled jobs by 2030. If they do not adapt and change, they will have to face lower wages or leave the job market. If they make the transitions, then they have opportunities for more productive and better-paid jobs 

In many countries, working women account for more than 70 percent of the social assistance and healthcare sector workforce. However, in the industrial sector, they are less than 25 percent where the job role is machine operator or craft worker. 

Future Scenario 

The future of work profile will be more different as women and men have been entrenched in the jobs and sectors as per gender. Women’s job prospects are different from men’s. While women may be few in blue-collar jobs, they account for the majority in clerical support work. 

In many emerging economies, the picture is different. While women at work make up about 22 percent as machine operators, clericals support workers are around 43 percent.  In many countries, females account for less than 15 percent of the construction sector. 

Women in Leadership Roles 

Well-known organizations like Oracle, Citigroup, General Motors have appointed female CEO, signifying a rising trend in women assuming leadership roles. In the 63-year-old history of Fortune 500, today, Fortune 500 businesses have more women CEO than ever before. 

However, when you place them in the overall context, they form only 6.4 percent of these fortune 500 companies. The still prevalent genders pay gap and the many female entrepreneurs who cite an imaginary male co-founder to gain credibility show that the problem of women’s inequality persists in business even today. 

The New World Post-Pandemic 

The last two years saw the collision of our work and home lives. In some cases, it was for the better, and in many others, it was so good. Professionals and business owners had to adjust to working in hybrid mode – partially from the office and from home. This shift in working patterns affected both productivity and happiness and work for women suffered the most during the changes. 

The result was that around 1.8 million women left the workforce during the pandemic. Many women at work left the job voluntarily to either care for the family members or children, while others lost their jobs. Now when things are returning to normal, the women, in particular, are slow to return to work and trying to work out a new flexible work schedule and working environment. 

For working women in managerial positions, going back to the office is normal and not an option for them. The future of work new hybrid scenario has forced many women to weigh the pros and cons of using it to their advantage. 

The 3 P’s for Navigating Future Work

Practicality – How to structure return to work and shift expectations to accommodate the change in the work process.

Passion – how to innovate and get the team motivated while honoring their passion for workers. 

Personal fulfillment – how to help women employees fulfill their aspirations in the new workplace keeping in mind the unique dynamics that have emerged. 


Women generally stick to the decisions they make. Keeping this in mind, return to pre covid days can take a long time as many personal stories unfold of how women at work want to pursue other passions.

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