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Best LED Lights for DSLR cameras

In today’s world of social media, everyone seems to be sucked into a vortex of simultaneous exhibitionism and voyeurism. In rather simple terms, people are addicted to clicking pictures f themselves and putting them up on social media (exhibitionism), and actively viewing others’ pictures on the same media platforms (voyeurism). Therefore photography and photographic tools are more popular than ever. While every smartphone of the day comes with its own version of a brilliant camera, models and influencers, or even professional bloggers still rely on the good old DSLR cameras, which provide the in-depth resolution required for a detailed crystal clear picture. These DSLR cameras also require a few accessories.

Lighting seems to be the most important of those. Correct lighting can make or break a picture. Low lighting makes a picture appear pixellated while too much light can cause it to explode in parts. Controlling the exposure of a photo becomes easier than ever with the invention of photo LED lights. LED photography lights come with the option of decreasing or increasing light intensity. Many LED light panels now come with the option of regulating the temperature of the lights as well. Therefore one can choose to take a picture with warm yellow light or a cool-toned white/blue one. LED light for the camera is light and portable and can be easily carried around for shoots. However, the consumer can face difficulty while beginning to shop for a photo LED light because there are a wide plethora of options available in the market. Therefore, this article provides a list of the best LED lights for photography, so that the customer can select and buy at ease, according to one’s priorities.

The Best LED lights for photography

This is a curated list of one of the most top reviewed and returns on value photo LED lights in the market. 

  • Simpex LED light

The specialty of this particular light is that it produces a softer and natural light, than a more forced and artificial one. It comes with the option of changing color temperature and has a wide voltage which allows one to easily modify the intensity of the lights. This has a rechargeable battery life of almost one and a half hours, and during this backup battery life, it runs at full capacity. One of the best features of this light is that it is so light and durable, that it can be carried anywhere with ease. In fact, it is considered one of the lightest photos of LED lights available in the market.

  • Osaka Dimmable Bi-Color LED Light

The Osaka photo LED light is a good portable alternative for DSLR lights. The light is so portable and light that it can easily fit inside one’s pocket because it weighs just about two hundred grams. The parts of the Osaka LED light include near about three hundred individual LED bulbs which are bi-color, hence the name. The color temperature of the lights also ranges from 3200K to about 5500K. This helps in navigating through various modes of lighting and various intensities of them. The light seems ideal for all kinds of studio shoots and especially close-up portrait photos. The Osaka photo LED light has a battery power of eight thousand megahertz which means it would provide fast charging and long battery life, so the consumer can work long hours at ease. Not only is the light compatible with a DSLR camera but it also connects well to a digital camcorder.

  • DIGITEK Professional Video LED D416 Light

Digitek provides yet another option in LED lighting, this time with professional video lighting. This Photo LED also provides a switch that allows one to toggle between light temperatures. The best part about this light is that it provides an option to have a mixture of two color temperatures so that the photographer can perfectly adjust according to his/her own need. It comes with its own shoe swivel mounting clamp which helps in mounting the light to almost any model of DSLR camera.

  • Simpex Professional LED Video LED 630 Light

Undoubtedly one of the sleekest LED lights found in the market, this Simpex light comes with a wide range of intensity-changing options. The photographer can change the setting from extremely bright to extremely dull without any hassle. It provides uniform color distribution so that when the picture is captured. It is supported by a huge range of apps on both mobile and other digital devices. The actual color of every part of the object is visible. This is also one of the lightest photos LED lights available in the market and hence proves to be very easy to carry around anywhere the photographer likes.

  • Powerpak Video 168 LED Light

This photo LED light is made of about two hundred individual pieces of LED lights, which makes for the highest illumination and absolutely crisp pictures. The intensity of the light can be regulated with a regulator, much like other LED lights. It comes with the additional option of switching between the diffuse effect and the spotlight effect. While the diffuse effect provides pictures with much more soft and somber lighting, the spotlight effect is used to take closeups and portrait shots. The color temperature can go as low as 3200K which gives a very cool-toned bluish-white light.


These photo LED lights have become an inevitable accessory in today’s world of Instagram posts and Youtube Videos. Proper lighting is imperative for a good photo and video quality and therefore these LED lights are bound to come in handy while taking a good photograph. If one owns a good DSLR camera, good light is the next step to getting great pictures. All of the lights listed above are not only good value for the price but also extremely light and portable. Investing in a good-quality photo LED light would be a smart option.

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