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The Top Cyber Security Certifications For Enhancing Your Career In 2021

At present, there have been quite a few reports of cyberattacks across the globe. Each year heavy investments are made by the companies for safeguarding their information. Fortunately, you will come across plenty of cyber security experts who prevent this crime. It will be possible to protect any business from cyber threats by having the appropriate cyber security skills. Even though there is no dearth of cyber security jobs, finding them can be tricky. It will not be possible to get employment in case the candidates do not have the required qualification. Thus, one has to undertake a reliable cyber security course for becoming a competent cyber security expert.

Below, we have suggested some of the most well-known cyber security certifications in 2021.

1. CompTIA Security+

This certification is a reliable and popular entry-level cyber security certification, and it covers an extensive range of topics. After completing this certification program, one will work as a security analyst, IT auditor, among others. Items that this exam will cover consist of design and architecture, cryptography, risk management, and other aspects of the industry. This certification will allow you to create a good foundation that will help you in your career.

It will be imperative to answer 90 questions in this exam, and one has to score 750 or more for passing it. The time allotted is 90 minutes. It will be a good idea to enroll in a cyber security online course while preparing for the exam. The CompTIA Security+ exam is priced at $311, which is quite reasonable compared to other similar exams.

2. CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker

It is essential to act like a hacker if you have to prevent hacking. This certification will teach you how to figure out weaknesses within a system by hacking into the networks. One needs to complete a Certified Ethical Hacker cyber security course provided by EC Council at first. Otherwise, two years of experience will be required in information security. 

The topics comprise the following:

  • The most recent malware and viruses
  • Hacking technologies aimed at mobile platforms, cloud computing technology, and the most recent OS

One can select from several positions after the completion of this cyber security course. Amongst this, penetration testing happens to be the most well-known one. 

3. SSCP: Systems Security Certified Practitioner

IT experts wanting to get involved with the assets or security systems of a company will find the SSCP to be helpful. Many people believe that this certification course happens to be the most in-demand at present. Following the completion of this program, you will be entitled to the jobs of a security administrator, systems security analyst, among others. 

The exam will be of three hours in duration, and one has to answer 125 questions. Therefore, to receive the certification, it is essential to have 1-year experience in any testing field and pass the exam successfully. However, you will not require this one-year experience if you have a master’s or bachelor’s degree. 

4. CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professionals

This cyber security course happens to be amongst the most popular certifications right now. Anybody who likes to attain success should consider this certification program. It isn’t intended for beginners and is meant for experienced candidates. The CISSP is not specific to any particular vendor, just like the aforementioned CompTIA Security+ certification program.

Field experience of several years will be required for taking the test, which comprises 250 questions. If you do not have the required experience, it will also be possible for you to appear for the exam. However, you have to get the required experience to become certified in the long run.

5. CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor

The CISA program covers a wide array of topics, including information security assurance and audit control. If you are CISA-accredited, it will imply that you are quite experienced in audits. Moreover, it shows that you will be able to take care of vulnerabilities as well. The cyber security course eligibility for this exam requires experience in IT for at least five years. Members have to pay $575 for gaining access to this course, while non-members have to pay $760. The cyber security course syllabus is quite vast, and one needs to invest plenty of time to prepare for this examination.

Which certification should I go for?

It is not easy to understand which cyber security course will be the best to choose. The reason behind this is the availability of multiple certification courses at present. However, it isn’t easy to give a proper answer regarding which particular certification will be the best for you to go for. Moreover, all these certifications will help you fetch a considerable amount of cash in the long run. Consequently, make sure to carefully go through the certifications as mentioned earlier to ascertain which one to pursue.

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