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iPhone 13 and Cars Fuels Demand Chips as TSMC Posts Record Sales

The present crisis of semiconductor supply in the Silicon Valley has helped Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) to post a record jump in their quarterly sales. The shortage of semiconductors in the supply chain that powers everything from smartphones to automobiles underscores the importance of TMSC in the current scenario. 

As per Bloomberg news, TSMC QTR 3 revenues showed NT$ 414.7 billion ($14.8 billion) against analysts’ average estimates of NT$ 413 billion. The sales for September of NT$ 152.7 billion showed a 20% growth against September 2020 figures. 

The third quarter typically sees a boost in orders due to pre-holiday demands. The launch of Apple’s iPhone 13 series saw strong demand since its launch the last month. The constraint in TSMC capacity limited its ability to capitalize fully on the boom. Also, it had to divert resources to make low-cost chips for automobile industries where the shortage of chips was the maximum. 

Bloomberg Intelligence Reports;

TSMC QTR 3 revenue of $ 14.7 billion could meet the targets with the help of firm orders for its 5 and 7 nm chips from customers like AMD and Apple. But it is likely that TSMC can miss the operating income target of $5.97 billion as per consensus estimates. The weakening in growth momentum in the mid and low-end Android smartphones may affect TSMC’S shipments of its high margins nanochips. 

The Wait for Chips has Continues

The waiting period between order and delivery of nanochips has hit a record high of 21.7 weeks. The signs of the situation worsening are there. According to Susquehanna Financial Group, the lead time between order and delivery has been rising consecutively for nine months in a row averaging 21.7 weeks in September, the highest since it tracked numbers since 2017.

TSMC shares fell by 0.9 % in Taipei on Friday, reducing the gains to 8.5% for the year. The QTR 3 earnings are expected on October 14.

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