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Rivian’s First Production R1T Electric Pickup Truck Rolls off the Line

Rising fuel prices are an issue to be considered when buying your next car, but, is the cost you pay to refill these cars more than the cost of the carbon emission it leaves behind in the environment?

Talking about sustainable living is not something new but working towards it is a giant step for mankind. Many big companies have gone ahead with battery-operated vehicles and there have been many start us to take this idea a step higher. Figures say that Western Europe sold about 7000 electric-operated cars in 2020 and this figure is estimated to only to up and spread across the globe. 

After a tweet from the CEO at Rivian Automotive, RJ Scaringe, the company brought into the public sphere the R1T model of their electric pickup vans which was earlier on the road but was not accessible to the general public. They became the first among the top names in the EV industry to bring in the Electric pick-up. Rivian makes their trucks look sleek and chic and is a prized buy for one. Anyways, an average American spends about $40,000 in a luxury-designed family carrier so the pickups from Rivian are a win-win. Their price starts at $67,500 which one would call expensive but the design and color are to kill for. It can go up to 73,000. However, Rivian assured that the future models will still be chic but much more affordable.

In September 2019, Amazon and Rivian started talking about a mass order for the company and to replace most of the company’s delivery vans with Rivian’s vans. Amazon aims to get 100,000 vehicles of Rivian on the road by 2030 and the initiative has already been seen on the road since the beginning of 2021. Amazon was seen testing these vehicles on the streets of San Francisco and also Los Angeles. They aim to soon send out these vehicles to the other cities. It was Amazon that encouraged Rivian to roll out the vans for the general public after the evident successful results. It happened first time in history that such a huge order for Electric Vehicles was placed. Amazon also has about 5% of Rivian’s stock.

Rivian started its venture with a concern for a sustainable environment to roll out vehicles that produce less carbon on the streets. Their start-up took place in 009 with the name Mainstream Motors and it changed to Rivian a couple of years later. And ever since the company has only seen growth, in terms of public acknowledgment, customer growth, partners. They had to delay the production of the R1T twice for the general public due to the pandemic followed by the global storage of chips. However, after the successful rollout of the R1Ts, the company announced to soon roll out the R1Ss.

Rivian mentioned that one percent of its equity is set concerning an ecological and preservation cause initiative called Forever. The company truly shows the potential to turn out to be an actively operating commercial firm that amalgamates engineering and upmarket design to bring new high technologies and a certain ethnic appealing to the majority. The world has been running on fuels since time immemorial now and it will take a huge amount of time to shift completely on nature’s side. This only means that it will be heavy on our pockets and healthy on the surrounding. The next decades to come will witness a decarbonized America if these EV companies are given a chance and they are successful in creating pocket friendly yet environment friendly solutions for us.

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