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5 Important Elements Of SEO You Need To Know

So much is changing in the world of search engine optimization and there are many opportunities to rank high on the search engine. However, the fundamental principles of SEO remain the same. Simply targeting keywords with the intent to improve organic rankings will not work any longer but choosing the right keywords is a crucial part of SEO. There are so many SEO techniques that it has become hard to determine which ones to stick to and which to ignore.

There are so many SEO tips that promise great results but there is no sure-shot way of knowing that a strategy will work for you or not. However, there are some elements that make SEO easier to implement and will drive more traffic to the website. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

1. If it slows down the site, remove it

One of the most important factors in SEO is page speed. There was a time in the past when you could get away with a low webpage but now nobody wants to wait for more than five minutes before the site is loaded. It is not a good experience for the user and could become frustrating. It will also discourage people from buying the product or contacting you. Even a one-second delay in loading the page could lead to a loss in conversions. A lot of users are of the opinion that a slow site is not a reliable site. The loading speed is of crucial importance and you need to work on it. If the pages are slow, you are losing the battle for top listing on the search engine. You should immediately get rid of the elements that slow down the site. When you declutter the sidebar and only have the essentials there, you will see results. 

2. Link to authority websites

If you want to enjoy high growth, you need to link to other blogs. A lot of people think that linking out to authoritative content will take people off the page. Link building is an important part of SEO and there are tons of high-quality sites you can link to. When you link out, it will make your site more valuable and people will consider it highly reliable. Remember to link only to those pages that offer value. You can also notify an influencer whenever you link to them and they could also link back to you. It is very important to keep in mind that link building is about quality and not quantity. 

3. Write for your audience, not the search engine

A lot of digital marketers are going to the traditional methods of SEO and only focusing on keywords to drive search results. They have forgotten the importance of engaging, relatable content. It is time to change the mindset now. Do not try to manipulate the search engines and work on making the most of long-tail keywords. Never prioritize the search engine over actual humans. Always create content for the users and people who will read. Create content that helps someone and not only the search engine.

4. Have a readable URL

The domain name is very important in making SEO work for you. If the users cannot understand the URL, they could land on a competitor’s website. It can also confuse the search engines. Even if the URL is long, it should be easy to understand for your users and the search engine. Purchase a domain name from the domain brokerage that has keywords and reflects the business you are in. Include only two to four words in the URL and ensure that it is easy to read and memorize. 

5. Use keywords in images

When it comes to SEO, images are very important. The search engine is highly concerned about the pictures and when users look for a specific image, they will search using the keywords. If you have not used them in the image description, the search engine will not be able to find them. You must use the right keywords in the image name and caption. With SEO, relevance is of crucial importance. 

An important tip is that you should not change the domain name regularly. You should keep the age of a domain in mind. It is important for your success. Do not change the domain name again and again. Stick to the one you have picked and if you want to change, do not make it a regular practice. Keep these elements of SEO in mind when forming a marketing strategy. It will help increase visibility and you will rank higher on the search engine. SEO is not a one-time thing, you need to constantly work on it to see results in the form of leads and customers.

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