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7 High-Paying Jobs with an Associate Degree

Getting a job after corona has upset the equilibrium will not be easy, especially with stringent norms and regulations, and many companies preferring to continue with their work from home model. 

However, many companies are following hybrid working models as well. You can find out what are high-paying jobs with associates degrees are available in the job market these days.

7 Associates Degree Jobs that Pay Well

The names of the jobs mentioned here have been handpicked from data obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

The two main sectors that have seen a growth in employment include technology and health. The amount you will be paid will depend on not just the associate degree but also on the number of experiences you have to your credit in the relevant field. 

For instance, the salary that a dental hygienist in Huntington Beach, California will draw 9% more as compared to the national median. A radiation therapist will draw a salary in St Paul, Minnesota that is 3% less than the national median, and a web development professional at Trenton, New Jersey will be paid 4% more than the national median. 

Check out the best associate’s degrees jobs that will pay well for your academic skills. The salaries mentioned here are as of March 31st, 2021. 

  • Air Traffic Controller

National Average Salary – $46,321 per year

Responsibilities- Monitoring probable hazards, communicating the same to the pilot before take-off so that delays can be averted, and safety issues met. Communicating about wind and weather, giving instructions for landing and take-off, and more. 

  • Computer Programmer

National Average Salary- $48, 306 per year

Responsibilities- Designing and building software applications for business entities. Offering training to the end-users, guiding them about how the system operates, source code modification, writing system instructions, and operating system debugging. 

  • Para-Legal Professional

National Average Salary – $48,334 per year

Responsibilities- Assisting the legal team or even individual lawyers. He/she will prepare legal documents, due diligence for cases upcoming. Collecting evidence, proofreading lease drafts, policies, licenses, editing, and closing and opening arguments involving witnesses, and conducting interviews

  • Office Manager

National Average Salary -$51,356 per year

Responsibilities– An office manager will complete a wide range of administrative duties. He will make sure that front desk and office operations are running without glitches. Greeting visitors, responding to phone calls and emails, looking into the office inventory, managing appointments of employees, schedules, and travel arrangements also fall within the purview of their duties. 

  • Registered Nurse

National Average Salary- $61,738 per year

ResponsibilitiesNurses will have to work with the physicians directly. As a nurse you will have to constantly keep a tab on the health of the patient, taking note of the vital parameters, arranging for patient medical diagnostic tests, and getting reports, and reporting any change in patients’ symptoms to the doctor for quick treatment plans and diagnosis. 

  • Web Developer

National Average Salary – $76,769 per year

Responsibilities– Aside from creating and designing a website, as a web developer, you must investigate the clients’ website speed performance. Making use of coding languages to develop user-friendly web applications, maintaining the website, updating them, and improving the website traffic of clients. 

  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist

National Average Salary- $93,889 per year

Responsibilities– Preparing and administering radiopharmaceuticals to the patients for obtaining an accurate diagnosis of the conditions they are suffering from. They also describe the procedure to the patient, answer their queries and ensure that the patient is at ease during the procedure. Using equipment and applications like PET scans and SPECT, obtaining the films from computer-generated images. Reporting the same to the doctor treating the patient. 

The associate degree jobs mentioned above are a few of them. There are many other avenues that you can explore depending on what domain interests you, the area you have expertise in, and how much you expect to draw a salary that will meet all your financial obligations.

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