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New York City’s Village Halloween Parade, USA


One of the most sought-after Halloween processions of New York, the Greenwich Village parade is supposed to make a comeback this year. Due to the deadly pandemic, which also saw the cancellation of the mega event of the 2020 Olympics, the NYC Village Halloween Parade also got canceled. The authorities mentioned that the safety of their viewers and participants was of utmost priority to them. Halloween enthusiasts may have missed it last year, but this year it is said to make a bigger and better comeback. The NYC parade is deemed to be the spookiest march in the city, probably one of the best Halloween in New York.

How does The Halloween Parade usually go?

Every year, a congregation of almost fifty thousand ghouls, zombies, witches, robots, monsters, Jedis, vampires, and other creatures of the supernatural and paranormal realm march through the streets of Sixth Avenue, in their elaborate and intricate, sometimes even eerily accurate costumes. The Halloween enthusiasts missed the parade the year before because of the scary pandemic virus. But as the event has received its permit for October 31st this year, the participants have vouched to pull out costumes that shall be even scarier and funkier. 

As per the authorities, gathering funds for the vent became an issue early on. Jeanne Flemming, who is the producing artistic director for the NYC Village Halloween parade, mentioned as early as September that they were facing a dearth of funding, and that could lead to the cancellation of the event yet again. She mentioned in an interview to the New York post- “We don’t have money. We are trying to raise money.” A fundraiser was organized as a means of raising funds but that too proved to be ineffective initially, as not a lot of people donated to it. However, a New York citizen and financial advisor named Jason Feldman came to the rescue. He donated a whopping amount of 150,000 USD to the fundraiser. When interviewed by the Daily News, he mentioned “This is the best medicine for our city.” Jean Flemming, the art director for the event initially expressed her concerns about not being able to raise 150,000 USD by October fifth, which would eventually lead to the cancellation of the event. However, Feldman’s generous donation assured that the event was still on. He said in the interview, “ It is just a fun and free-spirited thing. Everyone gets to be themselves. It’s just a fun and wonderful thing for a lot of people.” surely, Feldman has earned a lot of blessings due to his generous act.

Everything you need to know about this year’s Halloween parade:

Location of the Halloween event NYC:

The NYC Village Halloween parade begins at Sixth Avenue. The starting point is usually Spring street and the parade culminates at the 16th Street of Manhattan, which is why it is also sometimes called the Manhattan Halloween parade.

Date and time of the NYC parade:

Halloween in New York City would be taking place on the 31st of October, 2021 which is the date for Halloween this year. The parade starts at about 6:30-7 pm and would go about till late at the night, or till the energy of all the Halloween freaks runs low.

The theme of the NYC Village Halloween parade this year:

The theme for the Halloween Parade this year was announced by the authorities as “Let’s Play”. It is meant to honor the children of New York City and every other kid watching the event. The theme is also meant for adults who are trying to keep their inner kid alive amidst gloomy times of a deadly pandemic. The theme seems to be perfect for this year, especially after the event was canceled. This theme after the prolonged hiatus would not only get the netizens’ creative juices flowing but also provide them childlike glee to participate in the parade.

The Grand Marshall for the NYC Village Halloween parade this year:

The official website for the NYC parade mentions Randy Rainbow as the grand marshall for this year’s event. He is a comedian who seems perfectly suited for this year’s theme. The website mentions that he was chosen because of “his bravery in singing truth to power and making us laugh during hard times.” Surely, this event could use a spokesperson like Randy who would effectively convey all of the netizens’ collective feelings of hope and despair after the pandemic.

What are the rules for joining the parade?

To join the parade march, a person requires one thing and one thing only, i.e, a costume. There are no participation fees for the parade. The parade begins with the paraders lining up at the 6th Avenue at Canal Street. The march begins at a time between six to eight in the evening. The entrances to the west and north of 6th Avenue are blocked by seven. The enthusiasts could still join the parade from Sullivan, Canal Street east, and the East Broom entrances. The authorities have however made amenities for skipping the line and joining the special theme line. The tickets to these advantages retail at twenty-five dollars.

What are the ways to watch the parade?

The lineup for the spectators to the show begins and ends anywhere between the decided locale of 6th Avenue. The parade begins at about seven so it is advisable to catch a spot anywhere on 6th Avenue before that, as the space between Fourteenth Street and Bleeker Street gets the busiest. To avoid the crowd, the spectators should catch a place at Spring to Washington House Streets which is the head of the parade, or 16th Street which is the tail of the parade.


Everyone in New York City is excited about the event and rightly so. The theme and special attractions for this year look stellar. The authorities are excited to pull off the event as per plan so that the New Yorkers can enjoy a night of fun costumes and exciting games.

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